What You Need to Know About Immuno-Max


ūüé∂¬†Guess who’s back…back again, Immuno-Max is back, tell a friend!¬†ūüé∂

That’s right! After a brief hiatus, our superfoods-packed, immunity-supporting formula is available once more. A couple of months ago, we took this product off our site to reformulate.

After receiving a ton of feedback from our Purium Tribe & after deep consideration about the times we are living through, our Co-Founders made the decision to bring it back! What to know a little bit more? Luckily, Dave + Amy dedicated their most recent Zoom to its ingredients. Read our recap below or click the Zoom link to watch.

Recap: Immuno-Max Overview

Immuno-Max is just one product in our Immune Collection, which includes our Immune Function Pack. Here is what you need to know:

  • Purium Co-Founder Dave Sandoval formulated this product during a health crisis in which many were looking for a way to support their immune system.
  • Dave synergistically combined ingredients from healing modalities from across the world.
  • Specifically, these ingredients were chosen to work with the body, rather than contribute to inflammation or overworking the immune system.

Get to know the ingredients:

  • Arabinogalactan AG: Originating from African homeopathic practices, this phytochemical contains a powerful polysaccharide. Like an adatpogen, arabinogalactin is thought to respond to the body rather than work against it. Many believe this phytochemical can help gear up the immune system, preparing it to respond to infection.
  • Colostrum: While colostrum is not vegan, we partner with facilities that source it ethically. This milky fluid is revered for its nutritious nature and supply of proline-rich polypeptides (PRP). PRP is believed to support the immune system by supporting antibodies (proteins in the body that help fight bacteria & viruses)
  • Astragulus Root: Used in ancient Chinese medicine, this root contains saponins, polysaccharides, sterols and isoflavones. Because of this rich nutrient content, many believe astragulus can help boost immune function.
  • Cat’s Claw Bark Powder: Traveling down into the South American rainforest, we have cat’s claw. Holistic health practitioners believe this plant may help the body respond to inflammation. What’s more, small studies have been successful in showing how the plant may also support immune function.
  • Green Tea Extract: Green tea is widely adored by many cultures for its beneficial properties. Containing epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), this tea is thought to encourage healthy cells in the body. Because of this, many believe green tea can be used to support the immune system.
  • Self Heal Herb: The name says it all. (Yes, this herb is called self-heal!) A member of the mint family, this plant was used in ancient European times. Many believe this herb could support the immune system, by helping the body respond to symptoms.
  • Aloe Vera:¬†Hippocrates (believed to be the father of modern medicine) once called aloe vera “the potted physician” for its nutrient-rich content. Many believe this plant can encourage the body’s response to infection.

Other Notes:

Listen to the Zoom

Click here to listen to the Zoom.


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