20 Reasons to go to UnConvention



In light of recent events and in accordance with CDC recommendations, UnConvention has been postponed. Please email PuriumRodney@gmail.com for questions.

The Purium Tribe Reunites

Unplug and unwind with your friends and family at Dave’s home in the high desert. All are invited to this down-to-earth weekend event, full of music, games, activities and health education. Includes FREE camping!

healthy food • entertainment • campfires • excursions • games

Here’s what you can expect.

UnConvention Amenities + Activities

Visit the nearby Miracle Hot Springs and Remington Hot Springs and lounge in the healing waters while listening to the majestic Kern River roaring by. Just a few miles from Unconvention and the Native Springs Oasis!


Experience white water rafting on the nearby world-famous Kern River, known for both guided tours and adventurous kayaks and tubers.


Hike to the peak and set your own victory flag as you watch the sunrise on the peak adjacent to Unconvention and the Native Springs Oasis! This three and a half mile hike is challenging enough for experienced hikers, yet achievable for those with adventurous spirits.

Experience an authentic Native American sweat lodge. Immerse yourself in the original steam sauna while listening to Native American prayer songs in this sacred traditional fashion.

There will be family-style sweats for men, women and children. Choose A.M. or P.M., then cool off in our beautiful, adjacent artesian spring.

Dance the night away to rhythmic beats and dazzling lights as our DJs inspire us to move not just our feet, but out hearts under the stars of the Native Springs Oasis in our amazing thunder bowl amphitheater.

Sleep in an authentic Lakota Sioux tipi with a few modern “glamping” amenities like a bed, chair and table. No dirt floor here, at least not entirely!

Are you a motorhome person? We have plenty of wide open spaces for you to camp at no charge. So save money on that hotel room and plan your next driving vacation for Unconvention.

Camp under the stars! Experience the most starlit nights, pollution-free air, pure water, and the sounds of nature, all while having access to warm showers and flushing toilets. Not to mention two square meals a day, plus snacks! Meaning: the hardest parts of camping, making food and finding someplace to go potty, have been taken care of by us.

Experience world-class fire dancing and nightly drumming around bonfires while guitars are playing, people are singing, and stories and being shared amidst the laughter and smiles of your new-found Purium friends.

Lounge in our jacuzzi garden. Each with just enough room for two or three close friends, we will have five to six available at all times (if things go right).

Make a big splash in our child-friendly swimming pool, or simply float on a raft and soak in the sun.


Enjoy amazing, healthy, mouth-watering prepared meals two times a day and have access to the Purium Mixology Lab and enjoy freshly-made superfoods all day long.

Stretch your limits and your body and join one of our daily yoga and meditation classes. Led by our own world-class Purium instructors. Bhuti yoga, anybody?

Immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of a sound bath as you relax with your eyes closed and surrender to the sounds of healing love.

Enjoy a lively game of volleyball, bocce, frisbee or hula-hooping. In our Kids of All Ages-Friendly Fun Zone.

Meet the Owners! Meet Amy and David, as well as other critical members of the Purium team up close and personal, as well as from the stage as they inspire and educate you in the Purium lifestyle.

Get world-class body work: Lomi, Thai, Swiss, Sport and Deep Tissue will all be available.
Visit the Awaken Booth! Buy some of your favorite discontinued Purium products at deep discounts, knowing you are supporting a good cause and learn more about this exciting program!
Meet one of the Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers, thirteen Native elders from different ancient tribes from around the globe have come together to share their prophecy of love and healing with the world. She will be conducting land, fire, water, and air honoring ceremonies in ancient traditional ways and we encourage everyone to participate.
Take it slow and easy while kayaking on our kid-friendly duck pond!
Hike along our artesian spring and enjoy the majesty of nature. Take in the colors of wildflowers dotting the hills, keep your eyes peeled for over 36 types of migratory birds as well as deer, rabbits, squirrels, and other wildlife!
If you’re a photographer, the opportunities are endless. Brilliant, fiery sunsets, vast hills and mountains, flowing streams and hundreds of Purium families and friends simply sharing in the joys of this unforgettable experience.
Unconvention is the ultimate healthy family vacation. With activities and games for kids and adults alike, delicious and healthy meals, pure spring water (no need to pay $6 for bottled water!), this is an opportunity to get off the grid and focus on what’s most important- our loved ones. For a bonding experience like no other in the heart of nature, look no further.

Feel the Vibe of the Tribe

Ready to join the Purium Tribe at UnConvention? Click here for ticket information. 


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