Purium Success Stories: Tal Kapoor’s Incredible Transformation Journey

7.6.22 Zoom recap


Living a healthy life can seem tough–especially in today’s world. But with Purium, you’re not alone in your journey. 

The Purium community is filled with tons of success stories. And we’re sharing a powerful one with you today!

Meet Tal Kalpoor.

Tal is someone we are very proud to call a leader in the Purium Community. Like many who lock arms with Purium, her success didn’t happen instantaneously. In fact, Tal was in a situation many people experience every year: navigating the endless cycle of fad diets and ‘miracle’ weight loss products, only to find themselves exactly where they started. 

A friend of hers in the community noticed this reached out to her, and introduced Tal to Puriuml. After reaching out multiple times, Tal finally decided she was going to attend a live Purium event. 

At this event, Tal met the Chair of the Million Mom Movement, Stephanie Dawn. From there, Tal realized Purium was more than nutritional products. Purium was a community she felt welcomed in and could thrive in. This led her to give the Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation a shot.

Get Familiar with the ULT-1

Physically and mentally, Tal was navigating her own journey. She was over 100 pounds overweight, diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, had high blood pressure and high cholesterol, lived with depression, and experienced more health complications. With her personal health journey in mind, the first few days on Purium’s ULT were a challenge. But those challenges didn’t last very long.

“The third day is when I noticed that something magical was happening because I actually bolted out of the bed in the morning,” Tal says. 

One week and six pounds later, Tal realized this was a lifestyle that was actually going to work. 

“With the community’s help, I was taught to really understand that food could actually help me come out of this dark hole, in this dark space that I was in for so many years.”

Tal experienced life-changing results during her 30-day transformation and hasn’t looked back since. She is currently a Purium Brand Partner and helps people transform their lives each and every day through Purium superfoods.

To hear Tal’s story and hear from her firsthand, click here for her Success Story Zoom replay. 

To learn more about Purium’s transformational superfoods, join Purium Co-founder and product formulator Dave Sandoval every Wednesday at 6 pm PT for Products & Passion! 



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