Purium Co-Owner Amy Venner’s Corporate COVID Update


Hi everyone I just wanted to take the time to give you a little company update during these unprecedented times.

Purium is an essential business and when called to serve and meet demand, we are here.
I’ve taken a bit of a break from social media over the last few weeks. I have turned my attention and focus internally to operations. As demand surges for our life changing products and business opportunity, home stay orders for non essential workers went into place and the supply chain tightens, it’s been a month for the history books worldwide and at Purium.

I’m proud to say that our corporate team has navigated these unplanned for events with minimal disruption to our Customers and Brand Partners.

Being in control of manufacturing has allowed us to adjust to the increased demand while maintaining the highest quality standards.

You may have noticed a slight label change on one batch of Vir-u-Sure. Instead of being out for weeks, we shifted the percentages of Neem extract and Olive Leaf extract in our synergistic formula, which increased our cost, not your price, changed the label accordingly and kept producing a formula that supports healthy immune response.

We deployed a second shift and asked for volunteers to work weekends. Manufacturing the highest quality superfoods is our specialty and we are honored to be partnered with you.

Amy Venner
President & Co-founder

To learn more about how we are keeping our customers and employees safe, click our policy page.

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  1. Thank you Amy for the update on how Purium is ankle to keep up with the demands for quality products during these “fluid” times.
    And thanks to all those staff who volunteer to work weekends, too.

    It is great to know there are company’s like Purium!! Love the products!! The company and the mission.

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