Meeting the Moment with Purium’s ULT + Immune Pack

ULT + Immune


At Purium, we like to say we meet the moment. Meeting the moment simply means doing the right thing at the right time. For example, jackets are excellent in winter, but you wouldn’t wear one on a hot summer day. And conversely, you don’t ski in shorts and a tank top.

For Purium, meeting the moment means recognizing the problems that exist in people’s lives. Issues like lack of sleep, obesity, rising food and gas prices, medical costs, poor digestion, and inflation are issues that exist all over America. To rise to the health moment and economic moment, Purium provides solutions. 

Rising to Meet the Health Moment

Meeting the health moment

From lack of fruits and vegetables to a lack of essential nutrients, Americans across the country are not fueling their bodies properly. This leads to some complications, like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and poor gut health.

Anyone who has completed a healthy eating lifestyle change knows that eating right is expensive. Shopping for seasonal, organic, fresh, ripe, and tasty fruits and vegetables takes a lot of time as well as costing a lot of money. This is where our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation pack comes in.

Purium’s ULT pack has transformed thousands upon thousands of lives by helping people experience more energy, better digestion, deeper sleep, and a more balanced mood for under $11 a day. 

Our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation + Immune Pack takes the standard ULT a step further by adding ZinC-ADE for substantial immune support. We call it “our first line of defense” product to support your immunity! Read more about ZinC-ADE here

ULT + Immune Meets the Economic Moment

meet the moment

When you are on Purium’s ULT + Immune pack, you will experience what we call subtraction by addition and addition by subtraction. What do we mean by that?

When you add Purium into your food budget, it would seem like an additional cost. Once you start to take the products, you will start to discover the plethora of ways you save on your monthly bill.

You save on groceries and dining out bills because you aren’t eating as many meals. On a 30-day transformation, you’ll only consume one full meal daily.

You save on the over-the-counter medicine you don’t buy due to not feeling the minor ailments you are used to having such as headaches and minor colds. 

You save on what you don’t crave. When you’re satisfied and nourished, cravings are reduced.

You save on the days of work where you don’t get paid due to being sick. 

And maybe more importantly, you save yourself from the daily discomforts you have come to accept that have diminished your quality of life.

ULT + Immune Products & Passion

To watch the full replay of Purium Co-founder, Dave Sandoval’s presentation on the ULT + Immune pack, click here!


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