Immune Support Spotlight: Zinc-ADE


Are you looking for additional immune support considering the unprecedented health challenges over the last year? 

ZinC-ADE is our “first line of defense” product to support your immunity! 

At Purium, we specialize in sourcing unique parts of plants that often get overlooked but hold essential nutrients. Derived from Guava leaves, the Zinc in ZinC-ADE helps put our bodies into defense mode. It is a whole food phytochemical designed by nature, that helps activate and support our immune defense. 

When formulating ZinC-ADE, Purium Co-founder, Dave Sandoval, examined the essential elements the human body requires to perform optimally and aid our body in resisting and defending itself against foreign invaders. 

There are key nutrients  that were discovered through research that are commonly deficient in those who are most adversely affected by more severe challenges to our immune system. By providing these key nutrients from whole food sources (which we believe to be the most effective) to people who might not be getting them otherwise , we can relieve unnecessary suffering.  

ZinC-ADE is not a cure or a treatment for any disease, illness, or virus, but rather a supplement to prepare your body for what may come next: the unknown. 

 “It’s a compliment for what you’re already doing in your daily life,” says Dave. 

It can effectively be consumed solely; however, when added to an overall healthy lifestyle, it may be even more effective. We suggest adding ZinC-Ade to your Daily Core 4 as the ‘cherry on top’ to a powerful and balanced nutrition regimen.  

When examining literature covering nutrients that are  helpful for people in a compromised state, Dave found a common thread of nutrients in countless articles and scientific references. He focused on these consistent immune-supportive nutrients to construct ZinC-ADE. 

Helping your body create a powerful immune response comes down to what the nutritional value of your daily diet exemplifies. Kaela Ketcham, a clinical dietitian, says, “Vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamins C, D, E, and zinc make up the alphabet for supporting your immune system.” 

ZinC-ADE delivers all of these plant-sourced nutrients to support a healthy terrain throughout the body while keeping Purium’s pure, whole-food approach to immune support. 

While each of these nutrients are useful in our daily lives to carry out common metabolic activities, they become far more valuable as immune modulators to support our body’s defense against foreign invaders. There is no  guarantee that these nutrients are going to change the outcome, but it’s a beneficial area to place our focus.

Pre-released buzz predicts that this product will quickly become a best-seller. ZinC-ADE has been included in our new Healthy Immune Function Pack and added as an option in our best selling packs:  The Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation and Daily Core 4.   

Suggested Use: Take 3 capsules per day. For optimal immune support, take 2 capsules in the AM upon waking an 1 capsule in the PM prior to bedtime. Can be taken with or without food.

Read below to discover each nutrient’s specialty function in ZinC-ADE.  


Zinc is considered an essential nutrient, meaning that your body can’t produce or store it. For this reason, you must get a consistent supply through your diet to avoid a zinc deficiency. 

Zinc is necessary for the proper growth and maintenance of the human body. It is not only needed for wound healing, blood clotting, and thyroid function but also to support an optimized immune system. 

According to multiple studies reviewed by Web MD, zinc’s ability as an immune modulator is strong. 

ZinC-ADE supplies the body with an adequate amount of a daily zinc supply: 11 mg per serving to support the immune system. 

Vitamin C

Necessary for the growth, development and repair of all body tissues, Vitamin C is a polyfunctional nutrient. 

The vitamin is commonly praised for its antiscorbutic factors, because it prevents scurvy disease by supporting the body’s digestive system in differentiating between proteins and carbohydrates. 

When it comes to Zinc-ADE we’re leaning into the vitamin’s strong ability to boost our immune reactions. Though it may not get rid of the sniffles right away, one of the numerous benefits of Vitamin C includes its ability to act against immune system deficiencies.

In ZinC-ADE, Vitamin C serves as a firewall against progression of severity of otherwise common seasonal conditions. 

Vitamin D

While Vitamin D is not technically considered an essential nutrient,  deficiencies are common without adequate exposure to the sun. The longer one spends indoors due to age, job or lifestyle, the greater the chance that they are one of the 41 percent of Americans with a Vitamin D deficiency. 

We all know  the visuals of nationwide milk” commercials advocating how Vitamin D builds strong, healthy bones with the absorption of calcium. But, Vitamin D’s role in promoting a healthy immune function is seldom praised. Recently, there is growing evidence that links low levels of Vitamin D to an increased risk of disease. 

More research is pending to pinpoint all the benefits,what we do know is that not enough individuals are getting enough Vitamin D.  2 out of 5 Americans are currently affected by Vitamin D deficiencies, for this reason, we found it was a critical addition to the ZinC-ADE formula. 

A 2015 review found that 26 of 31 studies (84%) report at least one statistically significant worse outcome in patients with low vitamin D status. There’s a lot of support for the theory that additional Vitamin D might be a mitigating factor to a poor surgery result. 

Relying solely on milk or sun exposure for Vitamin D is not in your best interest. Zinc-ADE provides your body with the proper amount of the Vitamin D daily, so that there’s no need for dairy consumption or sun worship, which can lead to overexposure of UV radiation. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an essential vitamin found in many foods including vegetable oils, fruits, vegetables, and wheat germ oil.

However, most common sources of Vitamin E are often rancid because they’re contained in unstable vegetable oils or nuts that have been stored over time. These are inadequate primary Vitamin E sources, just as much as milk is not recommended as a main Vitamin D source. 

Vitamin E is required for the proper function of many organs in the body. In addition to providing cell and eye protection, vitamin E supports an efficiently functioning immune system. As a powerful antioxidant, it helps to slow down processes that damage cells and assists cells to resist infection! 


Abundant in green plants, and some fruits, beta-carotene is an antioxidant that the body converts into vitamin A (retinol). Vitamin A, plays a crucial role in cell growth and in maintaining healthy organs like the heart, lungs, and kidneys. 

Poor nutrition is a leading cause of beta-carotene and vitamin A deficiency. On the other hand, Vitamin A itself can lead to toxicity in the body if high-dose Vitamin A supplements are consumed consistently. 

We know that beta-carotene is an excellent plant nutrient for supporting eye health and protecting your skin against UV radiation from the sun, but beta-carotene should also be taken with caution. ZinC-ADE provides your body with a proper dosage to help support our immune system. 

Since beta-carotene is processed through our liver, it also has a positive effect on our blood. beta-carotene can increase immune cell numbers and activity, along with enhancing immune functions in healthy people. 

Like a factory assembly line, every well functioning operation requires a consistent supply of raw materials to do its job. Our bodies are the same. When we fail to get the critical supply of essential nutrients from our food, or fail to correct common nutrient deficiencies, our immune systems simply cannot perform optimally. 

The totality of consistently taking each of the nutrients in ZinC-ADE (zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, and beta-carotene) daily serves our immune system efficiently.

Note: ZinC-ADE is expected to sell out fast and with that in mind, we kindly ask you not to order in large amounts to ensure availability for everyone who needs this supplement. 



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