Celebrating Earth Day from Home 


In 2020 our company saved about 44,280 pounds of plastic from going into landfills! How did we manage to do that? With your help, we have taken company-wide initiatives that lowered our carbon footprint! In 2021, we are committed to continue our transition to 100% plastic-free packaging for our products. We want to inspire you to live more sustainably and boost your eco-conscious morale.

Although quarantine restrictions are beginning to lift, stay-at-home motions still remain in practice by many. As some may not be participating in beach or park cleanups this Earth Day, there are countless creative ways we can celebrate the Earth from the comfort of our own home.

Read below for a list of eco-friendly, indoor or backyard, activities to help you save the planet this Earth Day! 

  1. Cook Plant-Based Meals for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner 

Did you know? Consuming a primarily plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways to reduce your carbon footprint and is significantly better for the environment. If we all eliminated meat and milk from our diets and consumed only plant-based foods, we would be saving at least 50% of our water use. Try going 100% plant-based on April 22, Earth day. Not only will the planet thank you but your insides as well. 

We have recipes for the whole day! From a protein-packed breakfast to a chocolatey dessert, get creative in the kitchen with these scrumptious recipes the entire family will love!

     2. Pretend Power-Outage 

Although power-outages can be untimely, there’s always something fun about going lights out..We’re forced to abandon our own, isolated worlds aka electronic devices, and turn to board games and creative crafts with others. This Earth Day, save energy by powering down and giving yourself time to re-think our massive energy-consumption and how it affects the environment. 

Shut off all the lights and electronics in your home in exchange for some quality Earth saving, family bonding time! Dust off your favorite board games, play charades, tell scary stories in the dark, break out some musical instruments; get creative in distracting yourself from flipping the light switches back on!

     3. Revamp your Closet 

It’s no secret that recycling is extremely effective in helping the Earth by creating less solid waste, reducing pollution and saving energy; however, recycling can be more than just tossing plastic containers in blue bins. You can recycle almost anything! Start by taking a look in your closet. 

Do you see faded blue jeans or T-shirts you’re likely to throw away? Don’t grab the trash bin just yet. Breathing new life into old clothes is a fun way to recycle and revamp your wardrobe. Get crafty: tie-dye a light-colored cotton tee, cut jeans into shorts for the summer, or sew patches onto plain sweaters! You can even break out some brushes, fabric paint and treat a forgotten pair of sneakers as an artist’s canvas. 

    4. Plant a Garden 

Planting flowers, small trees, or vegetables is a great way to give back to the Earth! Clear a designated space in your backyard to grow your own garden. Whether it be filled with your favorite veggies or a plot of wildflowers, your garden will help replenish nutrients in the Earth’s soil, naturally clean the air, and support wildlife. On top of the satisfaction of watching a garden grow, you’ll help  the Earth flourish as well. 

     5. Go for a Nature Walk 

We tend to forget about the natural beauty that lies  just steps away from our home, often traveling far and wide to be wowed by impressive views and places. Admire the Earth this year, by heading outdoors while staying close to home. 

You can plan a nature walk right in your neighborhood or backyard. Breathe in the fresh air and take time to observe the beautiful wildlife our planet has to show. To go above and beyond, take action in bringing along a trash bag and gloves to pick up any litter you see on your stroll. 

For more ways to celebrate Earth Day EVERYDAY check out our blog! 


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