Be Prepared, Not Scared: Dispelling COVID-19 Misinformation

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“Don’t be scared, be prepared.”

Who knew that five words could be so powerful? Our Co-Owner Dave Sandoval lead his latest Lifestyle Zoom with conviction, helping the Purium Tribe stay #PuriumStrong. The topic? What everyone has been talking about: COVID-19.

Speaking from his home, he gave everyone a sneak peek into how social-distancing is going for him, shining a beacon of light for those having trouble navigating the hazy sea of misinformation.

Read the recap below or scroll down to watch the full Zoom.

Zoom Recap

Dave spoke candidly about the misinformation being spread online regarding the novel coronavirus. He urged others to act with love and poise, not fear and paranoia.

Here are some of the key points from Dave’s Zoom:

  • Can your pets pass the coronavirus to you?

Not exactly. But if someone with the virus touches your pet and you touch your little buddy after that, you can potentially be exposed. But your pets are not likely to pass the virus to you on their own. Just be sure to give little Fido a bath with soap, especially if he is being handled by many others.

  • Does the novel coronavirus reside in your throat for the first 4 days of exposure? 

You may have noticed a family member or friend share a Facebook post with this information. Is this true? Well, there is not really evidence of this. The virus may travel through your throat on its way to your upper respiratory tract, but it does not “live” in your throat for 4 days.

Some have found that it takes 5 days on average to develop symptoms of infection after exposure. This means you may be asymptomatic for a while before showing symptoms. Remember, here are the symptoms to pay attention to:

  1. Fever
  2. Cough
  3. “Scartchy” throat
  4. Trouble breathing
  • What do we have to look forward to? 

Dave mentioned how the COVID-19 cases in China have peaked. Infection is reaching a steady decline and that’s really good news. It’s important to stay prepared and safe as we in the United States reach that peak.

  • Should we be afraid? 

No! Dave encourages us to be #PuriumStrong during this time–if not for your mental health, then for the sake of your overall health. Stress and fear can take a toll on our immune system and make us more susceptible to illness. So, let’s stay prepared, but not scared.

  • What is Dave doing during quarantine/social distancing?

Dave is loading up on Purium greens and whole foods. What’s more, he is using his special oil puling recipe with our Vir-U-Sure and Tropic Oil. Plus, he liked to sip on a homemade cinnamon and munuka honey drink for its anti-viral properties. Finally, he drinks his Apothe-Cherry every day for melatonin-support. Sleep is essential for healing and for the immune system to be #FitToFight.

Dave extended his mission of kindess to us all in the end of his Zoom. Let’s be kind to others, offer help when we can and NOT spread misinformation and fear.

Click here to watch the full Zoom. 

Stay #FitToFight with Purium

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