Get Out, Get Moving: Easing Back into Outdoor Living


As parts of the world reopen from a year of lockdown, we’re easing back into life beyond our own walls. To help dip your toe back into the outside world, we’ve compiled 5 outdoor festivities to do with your close friends and family. 

Enjoy the warmer weather with these boredom-busting activities to renew your connection to the outside world and enlighten your spirit in a fun and safe way. To make your outings extra special, try our creative #PuriumHacks to incorporate superfoods into your adventures.

Scavenger Hunt Bike Ride 

Did you know May is National Bike Month!? Whether biking to your local cafe for a lunch bite, or trying out a public trail near your home, biking is a low-impact and fun exercise to ease your body back into an active state.  

Biking is a fantastic muscle workout by using major muscle groups as you pedal. Biking can help level your overall fitness by easing your body into building strength and stamina through low impact movements.. Unlike other sports, cycling does not require high levels of physical skill making it a fun summer activity  the whole family can join! 

Tap into your inner treasure hunter and have a scavenger hunt with findings all around your neighborhood. Get your daily exercise in and your endorphins flowing all while enjoying some family-friendly competition! 

Before embarking on your bike adventure, shake up a serving of Power Shake and Coco Hydrate in your water bottle to ensure you stay hydrated and fueled  while you’re biking around. 

Don’t own a bike? Take a skateboard, longboard, or roller skates out for a ride! 

Organize a Color Run 

The Color Run is an event series and five kilometer paint race, inspired by the Hindu Festival of Color: Holi. There’s no need to wait around for one of these events to visit your city when you can simply organize your own! 

Gather a group of friends and family members who want in on this color-explosive fun run and pick a location to gather:

  • Map out a 5k trail around your neighborhood with a start and finish line. 
  • Set up stations at every half mile where some of your group will stand ready with powdered color to toss at the runners dressed in head to toe white. 
  • Create your own color mix with cornstarch, baking soda, and FD&C (food-safe) dyes.
  • By the end of the run everyone will look like a walking rainbow! 

To complete your colorful event, serve various Purium drinks at each color stop. Power Shake at green, Can’t Beet This! at red, Aloe Digest at Pink, and Coco Hydrate at yellow! 

Backyard Field Day 

Not quite ready to venture too far from home? Bring the excitement to your backyard! 

If your kids missed out on field day this year due to school closures, make it up to them by creating your very own. Organize various stations across your yard such as a three-legged raise, wheelbarrow race, corn hole competition, tug-of-war, and an obstacle course. You can even invite  the whole neighborhood to a community kickball or wiffle ball game! 

For a prize treat, serve these delicious and nutritious Purium-powered popsicles made with our Chocolate MVP Kids for a protein pick me up!

Take a Hike 

Stuck inside for a year we may have missed out on all the wonders nature has to offer! One of the most simple ways to immerse yourself back into the outdoor world is to take a nature walk or a hike. 

Whether you take a stroll through the wooded area in your backyard or head to the closest mountain trail, a hike is a great way to get your body moving, clear your head and reconnect with wildlife. 

Don’t forget to prepare your favorite Purium superfoods before heading out the door. Mix up MVP Sport in a blender bottle to help keep your energy levels high during your excursion. Also pack your Super Xanthin to help protect your skin from the sun. 

If you’re hiking to a mountain top, reward yourself at the top by packing some healthy munchies from our Purium Recipe Guide! 

Backyard Gym 

No need to continue putting daily exercise on the back burner while you wait around for indoor gyms to reopen. Set up your own gym right in your backyard! Place various stations around your outdoor space to fit your personal workout regime; from a cardio corner to a dumbbell area. Invite your close friends over for a group workout and get those bodies back into moving after a year of rest. Need some workout routines? Check out our blog with 1 minute exercise challenges by Purium fitness professionals! 

Fuel a Purium-powered backyard gym session, and set up a tasting table for your guests at each station. Mix up a large serving of Can’t Beet This and pour into small individual cups to keep endurance high for your workout crew while performing cardio. Put 5 tablets of Super Amino 23’s into small cups at the dumbbell set up to help promote fat burning and lean muscle! 



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