Working Out in the Heat


Feeling motivated to workout in the summer can be difficult. It’s hot, you’re exhausted, and if you’re being honest with yourself, you’d much rather be relaxing by the pool with an ice-cold beverage. Besides the fact that exercise is great for your health all year long, there is some science behind how the heat can actually improve your fitness level. During a 10-day training period, the University of Oregon studied 12 high-level cyclists in 100-degree heat. Compared to the control group who performed the same regimen in a 55-degree atmosphere, the researchers found that the hotter cyclists actually improved their performance by 7% and the cooler group did not improve at all. Check out some tips to make hot outdoor exercise a little easier:

  • Clothing – Wearing light colors that reflect the sun may help you stay cooler during a run or bike ride. It’s also important to wear athlete specific material that was designed to absorb sweat and breathe.
  • Stay hydrated – Drinking water all day long (not just before or after a workout) is necessary for optimal hydration. One of our favorite “sports drinks” is organic lemonade, Apothe-Cherry, and Ionic Elements.
  • Sun Protection – Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of sunscreens out there that are good for us to use. However, Super Xanthin may help protect your skin from the sun’s burning rays along with an all natural sunscreen.
  • Type of workout – When the weather is just too hot to bear, swim a few laps or go surfing instead! You will get your Vitamin D from the sun while keeping cool.
  • Time of day – Working out in the morning has been shown to help kick-start your day better and it’s also much cooler in the early hours! Try going on a bike ride at 7:00 am instead of after work.



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