Flex Meal: Stuffed Portabella Mushroom


Quick, healthy and satisfying dinners are hard to come by especially if you’re cooking for a whole family. Sure, it’s easy to make a healthy meal, but it might not be as filling as you’d want. And it’s simple to whip up a quick meal, but you may have to skimp on the nutrients or worse – add chemicals. Filling meals are certainly accessible in our American culture, but it’ll probably take some time in the kitchen.

Alas, look no further! This stuffed mushroom will give you a quick, healthy and satisfying dinner for MORE than one plate!



(Recipe and photo by Annette Grynevich with modifications from editor)

Stuffing: Organic zucchini & squash with organic quinoa seasoned with a dash of veggie bouillon.

Dice & sauté zucchini & squash in organic coconut oil, Himalayan sea salt & organic lemon.

Follow directions on organic quinoa bag, adding dash of veggie bouillon.

Mix above ingredients.

Place portobello caps in open shallow pan. Drizzle with organic olive oil. Top with ingredients. Bake 15 minutes at 425 degrees.


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