Post-Workout Recovery Tips


Sore muscles… we’ve all experienced them. Whether it was after a tough workout in the gym or moving some furniture, muscles can feel so stiff a few days after strenuous activity that you feel as if you can’t even move. Yet there are techniques to help your body recover faster so you can get back in the gym sooner (or rearrange more furniture)!

Quench Your Muscle’s Thirst

Just like our entire body, muscles are made of a large amount of water. When muscle cells are deprived of water, the pump size can decrease, protein production can slow down and protein breakdown can speed up. To remain fully hydrated, don’t wait until AFTER your workout, though. If you need extra support to help keep your hydration high during a workout, check out Can’t BEET This!Ionic Elements, and Super Lytes.

Stretch it out

Dynamic stretching (movement based) before you start your routine gets your blood pumping and warms up your muscles. Static stretching (stretch and hold) afterwards relieves stress and improves flexibility.

Quality protein and carbs

Carbs are important for everyone, especially for those who want to workout hard. Fuel your body with high fiber, whole grains instead of empty, flour-based foods. Lean and clean protein is equally important. Non-GMO vegan protein, such as our MVP Sport, is the perfect recovery drink.

Extra support

Purium has a variety of natural products for athletic performance. If you are interested, check out Apothe-Cherry, Super Amino 23, and Super Xanthin in our Quick Shop and read about their ingredients and benefits.

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