Are You Getting Enough (Good) Protein?


Meeting your daily protein goals can be hard. You know that it’s important for muscle gain and fat loss because it boosts metabolism. But did you also know its other benefits? When your body does not get enough protein, it breaks down your muscles and other tissues to get essential amino acids. That can lead to an increase in injury risk and a decrease in your immune system’s strength.

Okay, so now you know it’s REALLY important, but it’s still difficult to loop in extra amounts throughout your day, right? Wrong! It can actually be super simple: cue the organic plant protein powder.

You can achieve those daily goals by adding organic vegan protein to the things you already eat.

One excellent way to do this is with our Apple-Berry Power Shake that contains raw phytonutrients to support healthy cholesterol, blood glucose levels and digestion. Just add the powder to foods and snacks you eat daily.

Here are some easy ideas:

For Breakfast:


For Yummy Treats:

Note: You may also want to substitute out dairy ingredients.



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