Outdoorsy Gift Ideas


We’ve all got that one friend: the one that is always posting triumphant selfies of them on the top of a mountain. How do they always look so good after sweating?

Or, maybe you are that friend.

Getting a gift (or asking for one) for hikers, vagabonds and backpackers who love to adventure can be a bit hard. They want something purposeful, functional and resourceful. Something…smart.

At Purium, we like a good challenge and came up with a few (awesome!) gift ideas:

  • Tough clothes: When out adventuring, natural conditions can cause serious wear and tear on everyday clothing. Additionally, resilient socks make all the difference for hikers trekking for miles and stomping through small creeks. Shoot for clothing pieces that are lightweight and easy to pack, but can withstand environmental conditions.
  • Weather-proof and all-purpose tape: This can always come in handy to patch up holes in a tent or tears in gear.
  • Filter Bottle: Having access to clean water is essential, especially for longer trips. It’s not always possible to pack multiple bottles of water, so hikers sometimes rely on what’s available, which isn’t always clean. Our Water Filter Bottle can filter out 99% of parasites and toxins for up to 20 gallons of accessible water. The portability and clip allow for it to be an ideal accessory for any bag.
  • Lightweight backpacks with LOTS of room: While trekking, hikers walk a tightrope between comfort and accessibility, they have to pack light. A bag that can hold a lot, but doesn’t weigh a ton, could be an amazing gift.
  • Travel guides and map: Some hikers might enjoy a guide for a new trail or an area they’ve never camped, but be careful with these types of gifts. Some people like to roam freely or might already have guides for local areas.

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to opt for a gift card to a store that fits their needs more efficiently. They’ll appreciate the help. Happy trails (and shopping)!


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