Don’t Take a Chill Pill, Take CHILL Spray


How are you?
But, seriously, how are you?
Recently the American Psychological Association (APA) released their 2017 Stress in America Survey and… well, let’s just say, we’re worried about you.
According to the APA survey, nearly 63% (that’s two-thirds) of Americans surveyed admitted that the approaching future of America is causing them SERIOUS stress. Yikes! 
59% said that the current social and political climate is a contributor to this stress. And there’s no need to go pointing fingers because this survey spans across multiple party lines. Social media also plays an integral part. Some surveyors noted that they feel tension between trying to stay informed but also not wanting to go on social media and read news that will bring them down. 
Overall, the APA reports that American stress levels have increased from last year. What a bummer. 
With all this stress on our shoulders, what happens when more is added on? Daily stressors, like traffic on the way to work (it’s called a blinker, maybe you can use it!), are unavoidable. We can, however, learn to manage our stress and how we react to it. 
Here are three tips: 
  1. Don’t be afraid to take a media vacay.
Headline are EVERYWHERE and they are meant to alarm you. TV news shows, political podcasts, news notifications and social feeds can be daunting. If all these things are making you want to scream into a pillow (that’s okay, we won’t judge you), take a little time away. When you come back, you can turn off your news notifications, “unfollow” people who make you feel upset and give yourself time limits for going down the headline-rabbit-hole!
  1. Eat for brain health.
There are so many organic plant foods that naturally calm you, all you have to do is search the internet. Tea has L-theanine may help relieve stress. Coconut oil’s medium-chain triglycerides may improve cognitive thinking. Leafy greens boost magnesium that may reduce anxiety. Steer clear of sugar, caffeine and empty carbs that can be harmful to energy levels.
  1. Find an activity that brings you peace. 
Take your mind off stress by finding an activity that destresses you. Depending on your mood or your personality, it can vary. Some people like to go on a nice long run, while others find peace in a creative art project. A bubble bath with candles, taking a day trip to a new place or socializing with friends are other great options, too!
  1. CHILL out. 
Made with organic superfoods, our CHILL spray can calm your nerves and energy with a refreshing watermelon flavor. The SunTheanine and GABA promote relaxation, help stabilize your mood and relieve daily stress—ALL without the drowsiness, like medicinal relaxers. If you need extra CHILL support, Dave Sandoval recommends pairing the spray with the following products:
Follow these tips and CHILL out!
Read more about the APA study here: 


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  1. Morning fellows , testimonial for CHILL of sorts : my dog walker turned out to be struggling with benzodiazepines , eating more than 50 xanex at a time . I’d suggested all sort of things but this was better than the previous opioid addiction he had had right before he started walking my dog ? Idk .
    I threw him a CHILL spray one day and he tried it .
    It’s sublibgual = works fast !
    It tastes good . And … three days later no more xanex , no dangerous withdrawals . Woa . I throw him a bottle f chill spray pretty frequently . Next we will work on guy health since ultimately that may lead to not needing the chill spray . I wonder how many people’s addictive symptoms might be directly related to self medicating because of glyphosate toxicity destroying their ability to make self soothing neurotransmitters?

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