Transformation 2020 – Check In #2


Wow, can you believe we’re already reached the end of February 2020?! The year is going by SO FAST. It seems like just yesterday that we released our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation.

As we continue progressing forward this year, Purium Co-Owner Amy Venner took some time in her most recent #WelllnessWednesday Lifestyle Zoom to share some Purium Success Stories from those who have already completed their first Transformation this year.

Plus, Amy shared a little more details about our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation that you maybe did not know.

Read our quick recap and/or watch the Zoom below. If you missed the Transformation 2020 – Check In #1, click here to watch.

Zoom Recap

To begin the Zoom, Amy re-introduced our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation kit — it’s the perfect gateway to all things Purium.

She highlighted some of her own Purium story:

  • Amy grew up in Texas. Her diet consisted of eating cheese. meats and dairy on a daily basis.
  • After meeting Purium Co-Owner Dave Sandoval, Amy learned more about the power of whole food nutrition.
  • Amy was able to overcome severe acne, depression and more with her new lifestyle.
  • Amy & Dave joined forces and began their venture into creating whole food products for health stores.
  • Eventually, Amy & Dave created Purium!

Amy also spoke about what products make up our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation kit:

  • Super Amino 23: Contains amino acids, which can help build muscle, tighten skin and even help sustain mental acuity (did you know that last part?)
  • Power Shake: Contains essential greens & healthy fats, which may help reduce cravings and balance blood glucose levels
  • Biome Medic: Contains digestive wheat germ, probiotics & more and reduced glyphosate and C-reactive protein levels in a double-blind human trial
  • Apothe-Cherry Contains tart cherries, which boast a high oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC) & natural melatonin support. These antioxidants help protect cells from free radicals.
  • Super CleansRContains anti-parasitic herbs, which may help cleanse the colon (not a pretty description, but hey, these ingredients can help get the job done!)

Finally, Amy spoke about 3 Success Stories.

Tirzah Flores 

Bruna Amaral

bruna_amaral success story

Scott Hartog 

Zoom Link

To learn more about these Purium Success Stories and our Transformation kit, listen to the Lifestyle Zoom here. 


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