Daily Core 4 Success Stories


We are inspired every day by the life-changing stories we hear from our Purium tribe. Healthy living is a life-long journey and we know it isn’t always easy to make that commitment. That is why we created the Daily Core 4 kit – to simplify nutrition for day-to-day maintenance. 

Below are a few of our favorite stories from Purium fans who have found long-term success with Purium’s Daily Core 4. These stories are what make us love our mission and motivate us to keep sharing with as many people as we can. 

“Since I’ve added the Core 4 into my daily routine my life has greatly improved. I started taking it in the third trimester of my pregnancy. Having the Power Shake in the morning to drink on the way to work gave me so much on-the-go nutrition and energy. The Aminos have helped reduce bloating and have helped me keep my tummy weight at a good place after having the baby. The Biome Medic has helped me with some serious gut issues that I’ve been fighting for years and the Apothe-Cherry helps me to get good sleep, even as a new mother! This is well worth the money. I feel amazing and know that my body and my baby are getting the nutrients that we need. I highly recommend this product, it can help change your life!”

Jamie C

Rachel Balunsat

I have been using these core products for 3 years. My first 40-Day Ultimate Transformation products kick-started my life. The Transformation helped with my adrenal fatigue and I have been thriving ever since. I’ve been taking this Core pack monthly and none of my symptoms have returned. Now, I am a competitive body builder also loving the athletic products. 

Rachel B


I started my journey with a 10-Day Transformation and WOW! This Core 4 is the way to keep my results, feel great and nourish myself daily! Everyone should be on the Core 4!

Rhonda P

grace murdock

I haven’t missed a day of the Core 4 since November of 2011. As a postpartum mother to a 2 year old, this system of nutrition has literally been an answer to my prayers. I used to forget to eat until 1:30pm-ish when my blood sugar would take a horrible dip and I would realize I hadn’t had food. The Core 4 gave me an immediate source of easy protein first thing in the morning, an easy yummy source of greens/veggies that I could manage to make in a few minutes, a fruit source that was easy and also help with my postpartum insomnia, and now with the Biome Medic, I’m actively addressing a triple gut infection I’ve been struggling with. I can’t say enough about how much this has improved my life. My daughter is now five and she also uses the Core 4 daily. It’s a family affair! Thank you Purium for giving us incredible nutrition that is more convenient than any fast food choice my family might otherwise defer to…and it’s actually GREAT for us! Five flaming stars for convenience, nutritional content, accessibility, and company ethics!

Grace M

This Core 4 is the place to start. I lost 6 pounds in the first 3 weeks and when I was ready, lost another 8 lbs on a 10-Day Transformation. Returning back to the core products lost another 6 and maintained for a year. That’s 20 pounds, starting with these Core products. When BIOME MEDIC was later brought into this pack ~ I jumped on it right away, lost all bloating, foggy head and serious daily head pain ~ GONE. GONE ever since…. I now can function and make plans without worrying whether I’d be up to meeting that appointment or meet with friends. I now have a clear head with no pain always. Core 4 is my maintenance. Thank you Purium! 

Lori R

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