Transformation 2020 – Check In #1


Earlier this year, we launched our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation pack. Since then, SO many people have decided to make their health a priority and Transform their lifestyles.

Our Co-Founder Amy Venner recently hosted her Weekly Wednesday Lifestyle Zoom and spoke more about how you can track your progress.

Read on for a quick recap of the Zoom, plus the link if you’d like to watch.


Quick Notes 

Kamut + Chlorella 

Before jumping into the Zoom topic, Amy spoke about a product near and dear to her heart: kamut. Why Kamut? Well, this green was the one of the first products that started Amy’s mission to make the world a healthier place.

Kamut is also known as wheatgrass. After integrating this grass into her life, Amy began living a life that helped heal her acne issues. From there, she learned so much about whole food nutrition, eventually leading her to create Purium with Dave Sandoval.

Amy also spoke about chlorella, a sea algae that has been shown to help prevent metal toxicity in several studies. These products can be used for detox support and cleansing as well.


Amy also made a BIG announcement. Our CBD+ is now only $100 retail! Learn more here.

Biome Medic 

Amy also addressing a pressing question about our Biome Medic suggested usage. One interesting fact about our Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation is that it encourages you to take a loading dose of our gut-supporting Biome Medic (4) as opposed to our 40-Day Nutrition plan. which encourages you take 2.

Transformation Tracker 

Finally, Amy spoke about our Transformation Tracker at length. There is a lot more to nutrition than just weight loss – yet that’s all some people talk about.

Our Tracker was designed to track other important aspects in your life from sugar consumption to how often you eat plant-based foods.

Of course, there is also space to track your physical transformation — not just by weight, but by inches around your body. We want to know about your whole Transformation.

Zoom Link  

To watch this Zoom and get all the details, click here.

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