The Benefits of Unplugging


It’s easy to get caught in the grips of everyday life. Daily activities pile up: wake up, get ready, work, run errands, workout, repeat and repeat. There’s always a voicemail, email to respond to and OH that Group Text that has 45 notifications on your phone! Add in kids + family obligations + life events + paying pills and the list doesn’t end. Even planning a vacay can feel stressful!

Not to mention, our culture is over-stimulating to each one of our senses and our bodies and minds are constantly forced to operate at optimal speed.

Physical and mental relaxation is crucial for optimal health.


Of course, we mean this literally. It means time away from the electronic world: phone, computer, TV, ear buds, blue tooth, tablet and just about any other tech gadget which to your sense can get glued.

Yet, we also mean figuratively, too: unplug from YOUR world.

What does this mean? Well, sometimes you have take a step back (or maybe a yoga pose). This might mean shifting your environment, your routine or socializing for a temporary bit pf time. It may even mean a small trip away from your city or even just your home (we LOVE stay-cations).

Spending Time Outside

Actually, according to the Business Insider, there are scientific benefits to unplugging, most especially if you pair it with outdoor time, too!

The report claims that “unplugging” outdoors can:

  • Improve short-term memory
  • Restore mental energy
  • Relieve stress
  • Reduce body inflammation
  • Improve vision
  • Improve concentration
  • Boost sharper thinking and creativity

While research is still a little sparse, “unplugging outside”, is also related to other physical advantages. For instance, some state that being in nature may have possible anti-disease effects and provide beneficial immune function support.

Studies also found that time outside, particularly within forests, had a positive effect on improved mental health. There have been links to influencing the levels and symptoms of anxiety, bad moods and depression.

One study even found that spending time in “greener” outdoor-environments is associated with reduced risk of early death.

Recognizing the Importance of Unplugging

It’s no wonder that the importance of unplugging has been recognized nationally. Over 110,000 Americans participate in National Day of Unplugging. This year the date takes place in March. American companies and even just individuals take this day to unwind and disconnect from things like social media, and come together as a community.

Unplugging and Unwinding at Unconvention

At Purium, we recognize the importance of unwinding, spending time in nature and nourishing the mind and body. That’s why we’ve dedicated our annual Purium Unconvention to the cause!

Paying special homage to unplugging and our beautiful planet that allows us to do it, Unconvention will be held on Earth Day’s weekend with the theme of “Taking Care of Nature so that Nature Can Take Care of Us.”

From April 20-22, 2018, the weekend experience will take place at our very own co-founder’s (Dave Sandoval’s) home, Native Springs Oasis.  It’s a family event that welcomes all ages to participate in activities such as yoga, hikes, campfire dance parties, canoe racing, swimming and appreciating Mother Earth with wholesome folks.

Buy your tickets and register now by April 6 for special pricing!

Learn more about Unconvention:

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