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Ever since the dawn of man, women have been the chosen ones to deliver the truest miracle of life: giving birth. However, with such great privilege also comes great (monthly) responsibility. Every month, many women experience powerlessness when it comes to the body aches, food cravings, emotional stress and exhaustion. Even after decades of this monthly repetition, the Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) symptoms can still come as a surprise!

“Why am I eating chocolate like a horse?” “How am I SO tired?” “Why did I just yell at my husband and then cry about it?” And then, you put the ice cream (or frozen yogurt) down and realize, “Ohhh, it’s that time of the month.”

While many PMS symptoms are mostly unavoidable, there are a few things that may help lessen the severity.


Just like many other health issues, solutions are linked to gut health, deep sleep, regular exercise, lots of water and plant-based nutrition. When one thing is off balance, it can create imbalance in other places too, which is why consistency is important.

While a lot of us know that sugar, caffeine, non-organic cow dairy, alcohol, stress, toxins from pesticides and pollution, and lack of exercise may worsen our inflammation and PMS symptoms (among many other things), it’s not always easy to avoid everything on that list. However, there are beneficial things we can do to combat the “bad.”

Healthy Digestion:

  • Gut & Liver Cleansing: Toxic build-up and bad bacteria can worsen bloating, fatigue, moodiness, constipation, cramping AND food cravings. In addition, toxins like alcohol, bad fat and refined sugar can stop the liver from doing it’s job which includes releasing excess estrogen. Cleansing 2 or 4 times a year can also help maintain healthy hormone levels and alleviate PMS symptoms.

Vitamins and Minerals:

  • Iron & Zinc: A 10-year study at University of Massachusetts tracked the diets of 3,000 diets of women and showed that an iron-rich diet (about 20 mg daily) reduced symptoms by 36%. Eating plant-based iron-rich foods reduces the toxicity levels of the body, too – helping achieve healthy digestion. That same study also stated that 15 mg of zinc lowers the frequency of conditions associated with PMS.
  • Magnesium: A small trial of women found oral magnesium effectively treated mood-related symptoms related to mood changes. Researchers also noted that it has helped ease PMS symptoms like headaches, dizziness and sugar cravings.
  • Vitamin B6/Pyridoxine: Containing multiple properties for alleviating PMS, this vitamin can soothe muscle tension, decreasing cramps. Plus, it helps reduce water retention, swelling, and breast tenderness.
  • Vitamin E: This vitamin also helps reduce cramps and breast tenderness.

Body Chemistry: 

  • Progesterone: This hormone helps compensate for the decrease during menstruation.
  • Exercise: Get that serotonin pumping with some cardio! Light stretching and yoga can help soothe muscle aches and tension.

Although total body health is the solution, we are also very realistic about the chaos of life. We know it’s not easy to be perfect and sometimes you just want a quick, natural fix and our mouth sprays are exactly that!

  • EASE: Spray away the aches and tension
  • CHARGE: Spray away fatigue and mental fog
  • CONTROL: Spray away bad-food cravings
  • CHILL: Spray away the blues

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  1. I’m just not feeling that that I know what to order. I am detoxing but the nutrition is what I’m lacking. I like the apple berry protein shake, but wondering what else to order. I have eye problems and sinus problems. I know I need green nutrition. I initially bought the 30 day transformation products, but was allergic to Superlytes. And didn’t do great on axathantin. I liked the MVP shake. But I’m nutrition starved. Because I don’t eat much . No appetite but I still need to eat. Do you have suggestions?

    1. YES! Please give us a call (888) 747-6733 and we’ll help get set on the health path that’s right for you!

    2. Hi, Janet and YES! Give us a call and we will help you get on the health path that’s right for you!(888) 747-6733

  2. Good afternoon Janet,

    I am sure that team had already has assist you very well, But to get more inspire and help deeper you can count with a little I know & see if that is of any help..

    Deep Breath .. Don’t forget to smile..!

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