Smart TV: Not so smart, not so chill


We’ve all been there — you’re binge watching the latest release and you glance at the time and realize that it’s way past a healthy bedtime hour and…how did those snacks get in your bed?

Smart Tvs have offered smart ways to stream services for more than ten years now (wow, has it been that long already?) and our lives will truly never be the same. And maybe our sleeping habits too.

Amerisleep, a mattress company, conducted a survey of about 1,300 Americans about their streaming habits and sleep. As it turns out, the streaming has brought on some bedtime blues.

What’s the damage?

Participants reported that their streaming time lasted longer than originally planned (duh) and they stayed up later at night. When you stay up late, that obviously affects how many hours of shut-eye you’re getting. It also leads to poor sleeping habits and less effective sleep. According to the survey, streaming attributed to an average of three nights of poor sleep. Yikes! The reasons varied:

  • Addictive nature of a full-released, favorite series
  • Zoning out and losing track of time
  • Auto-play convinces people to stay another round
  • Increased variety of shows entices someone to stay and look around
  • Keeping up-to-date on the latest episodes to avoid spoilers (the worst!)

Is Netflix to Blame for Bad Sleep?

We can’t place all the blame on streaming–after all, we are the ones to click it on. Sleep issues have definitely existed before smart TV.

In the Amerisleep study, participants reported that other things keep them up at night, such as thinking about the next day, family members or loved ones, current events or even about the fact that they are not sleeping. Even food plays a role in how well you sleep (and your overall mood).

What Can You Do for Better Sleep?

Good sleep is absolutely essential. But what can you do to rest better and deeper? Take the natural route, with our Sleep Pack!

Our Sleep Pack contains superfoods to help you sleep deep:

  • Apothe-Cherry (tart cherry concentrate): Tart cherries have been known to have beneficial antioxidants and to be a natural melatonin booster, which can help regulate circadian rhythms and a good night’s rest.
  • CHILL spray: Using SunTheanine™ and GABA, CHILL can help stabilize your mood and promote relaxation at any time of day (or night).
  • Bio Relax Capsules: Designed with sleep-supporting and tension-relieving phytonutrients, like tart cherry and organic passiflora, which can help you sleep better at night and feel less tense during the day.
  •  Ionic Elements: Beneficial plant-based nutrients like its fulvic base can help you rest easier.

It’s time to get some much-needed pillow time! Keep those screen habits in check too…

Read more about the Amerisleep study:


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