What You Need to Know About Prop 65


As scary as it may sound, Proposition 65 is a standard disclaimer for products shipped within California. If you are curious about what the Prop 65 disclaimer means when it comes to Purium, read this blog. 

The state of California passed Proposition 65, also known as the “Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986.” The result was that businesses were required to add a “Prop 65 disclaimer” on products shipped within California.

Prop 65 was designed to catch elements or chemicals added to finished products during the manufacturing process. Even though our products are simply foods and herbs with nothing artificial added, they are considered a “finished product” and therefore must contain a label warning. We are striving to help educate all on what this really means.

If Purium had suggested a smaller serving size for the products, legally, we would not need to put the P65 warning on the product. We decided it was far more important to ensure our customers get therapeutic amounts of superfoods to give them better success at reaching their health goals. Ironically, we must place the warning on products like Cracked Cell Chlorella, even though the ingredient is a natural heavy metal chelator (meaning they help bind and eliminate heavy metals from the body). The amount is far less than the amount that is legally allowed in drinking water across the entire nation and likely less than you breathe in from the air on a daily basis!

California requires these warnings on finished products, but on a federal level, it would not be required. This is why you will have Prop 65 warnings at Starbucks and Disneyland in the state of California but not these same establishments in Florida.

By eating any natural foods and many food products, you consume elements from the soil as part of the mineral makeup of the item, but despite that, you will not find these warnings on fruits and veggies in the produce section.

All of our products are composed of completely pure and premium all-natural ingredients and have been enjoyed (and continue to be enjoyed) by many healthy customers for the past 2 decades.



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