Gift Ideas For Kids


Can you believe that we’re almost at the end of the year? It seems like just yesterday we were rushing around to check off our children’s (never-ending) back-to-school list. Now, it’s already time for their holiday recitals and the awfully dreaded…. end of semester report cards (dun, dun, dun!)

But that’s another worry for another day.

There’s something more important at hand: how far along are you with your child’s Christmas gifts? What about nieces or nephews?

Here are some cool ideas:

  1. Electronic Accessories

If your child has an electronic device, accessories are a good way to go. Buy an extra controller for when a friend comes over. You can also replace used/broken wires, cables and earphones. Games and apps are also always great, too.

  1. Gift Cards

These are probably the easiest gifts to get. Buy cards for his/her favorite store. Plus, you get to control where they shop!

  1. Books

What are those? Our world is so digital and fast-paced that it’s important to remind our kids (as well as ourselves) to slow down and unplug. There are all kinds of books for every kind of person. It doesn’t have to be long and wordy. It could be a funny joke book or a kid-frinedly human body book. Cool comic books or interesting art books are great ideas too!

  1. Health Items

There’s never a bad time to buy health items and we have quite a few. Also, do they have their own unique water bottle or, better yet, Shaker bottle? If you’d like to get them products:

  • In Focus Spray: A spray composed of organic herbs to create calm focus and balanced energy, which can help with schoolwork, sports and general health
  • Immune Shield: A non-pharmaceutical and alcohol-free spray that supports natural immunity with a pure organic formula
  • MVP Kids: A plant-based, yummy and non-GMO chocolate shake mix that provides calm, sustained energy and pure protein
  • Power Kids: A beneficial alternative to soda, juice or “sports” drinks
  • Like them all? Why not buy the Kids Quad Pack, which comes with a free limited-edition backpack?
  1. Tickets to an event or Amusement Park

Gifts can also be experiential opportunities to bond with your little loved one. Depending on their interests, check out upcoming concerts, Broadway or even local theatre plays or festivals near you. Or plan for a future date at an Amusement park nearby.

Happy shopping!


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