No More Weight Loss Plateau


Congratulations on continuing your weight loss journey! It’s been hard, we know. You gave up your favorite snacks (goodbye Cheetos!) and started opting for healthier alternatives (do Trader Joe’s cheese puffs count?). Maybe you even cut out soda and have watched those pounds drop.

When you added exercise to the mix, you became unstoppable—a force to be reckoned with. However, months have gone by and you’re starting to notice that the pounds are dropping slower..or even worse, not all. You opt for healthy meals and spend extra time in the gym and yet that scale won’t budge.

It’s stressful, we get it, but hitting a weight-loss plateau is unfortunately inevitable. Don’t worry! We can try to help you through it with some tips.

  1. Stay consistent!

This is a big turning point in the weight loss journey. Even though you may not see the results, don’t give up!

  1. Make sure you’re catching those Z’s.

Good sleeping habits are paramount for weight loss. So, don’t let the stress keep you up at night. In fact, studies have shown that people who sleep less than seven hours per night have a harder time losing weight and actually gain more weight over time.

  1. Build muscle.

Introduce strength-training into your workout routine. An increase in muscle helps you burn more calories. If you haven’t already started, it’s time to hit those weights.

  1. Reset your metabolic system.

Maybe the solution to your problem is inside your body. Many people don’t know about the “Skinny Hormone” aka adiponectin. This hormone can help maximize weight loss by burning stored fat. You can increase your body’s adiponectin numbers by increasing your Rice Bran intake.

Make it easy with the 40-Day Ultimate – Fat Burning pack. This pack contains fruits and veggies that help support sleep and nutrition, two vital factors to losing weight.

We also offer Core 4 – Weight loss, which is essentially the same pack, but without a 10-Day Superfood Immersion.

No matter which pack you choose, both can support a healthy weight loss regiment by burning stored fat and stimulating your adiponectin!

Happy trails! You got this.

Learn more about the “Skinny Hormone:”



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