Are you ready for a natural disaster?


Unfortunately, natural disasters are common and unpredictable. In 2017 alone, disasters such as the earthquake in Mexico to the hurricanes that plagued the southern US and the Caribbean have wreaked mass havoc and destroyed many lives.

One of the scariest issues during a disaster, is how quickly access to food and water is cut off, without an ETA of when it will return.

For instance, when Texas recently flooded, many people were forced to stay home as water engulfed their major roadways. That meant that they only had access to the food and water available in their home. That might have been okay for a day, but what happens when the time is extended for longer than that?

The Center for Disease Control recommends that you stock up on:

  • Water: At least one gallon per person, per day
  • Food that won’t spoil
  • Health supplies
  • Personal care/hygiene items such as toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Safety supplies
  • Electronics like flashlights and cellphones with extra batteries

Gathering these items up can be problematic, especially if you’re looking for organic food.

Don’t worry, we got your back when it comes to the organic food and pure water.

Enter the (Organic) Food Storage and Survival Kit. This kit includes some of our best superfoods including MVP Sport, Green Spectrum and Daily Fiber blend, that can feed a family of 4 for one week. Plus, it also includes a water purifying bottle that can provide up to 20 gallons of pure water, filtering accessible water for safe consumption.

So, prepare yourself to thrive, not just survive.



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