Stay Protected this Flu Season


It’s that time of year again when one person coughs at your workplace and everyone glares with fear. Cue the Jaws music! With the start of the fall season, we find ourselves navigating the treacherous waters of flu season. During October and November, most hospitals and institutions begin taking precautions from the unpredictable onset of illness. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) claims that December and February are the two peaks of flu season. And, health experts are claiming that flue shots may only be 10% effective against the general public.

Many people opt for the flu vaccination to prepare for this season, but is it the healthiest way to protect your immune system? Let’s explore.

Flu Limitations

The director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Dr. Kanta Subbarao, suggested that the flu vaccine might not be the “optimal match” to this year’s flu season in a STAT interview. This is because the flu vaccine can be limited to protecting against the antibodies that it holds.

According to Subbarao, that strain of flu might not be the one that gets passed around from person to person. It’s hard to predict the specific strain of flu and health organizations can only provide immunity for strains they try to predict. So, just because you receive a flu shot doesn’t mean that you are immune to every flu strain and that you won’t get sick.

In addition to this, Subbarao warns against a “repeat vaccination” problem. In some cases, people who are vaccinated yearly seem to be more susceptible to the virus than those who just got one shot in the current season.

A Natural Alternative

Preventative health is an approach that targets all systems of the body. When it comes to keeping your immune system strong, it’s important to practice overall good health habits – especially when it comes to your gut (or “second brain”). Our Immune Pack will help shield yourself with a prebiotic and probiotic formula as well as synergistic herbal blends, plant extracts and whole food products.

Germs, viruses and bad bacteria are everywhere and affect our immune systems in all kinds of ways. Our strongest protection is prevention.



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