Flex Dessert: Summer Sorbet


As the weather gets hotter, refreshing cool treats become all the more tempting. Summer can easily make you validate a scoop of dairy ice cream, packed with calories, an artificially colored popsicles or even an ice-cold sugary soda. However, many of you will prefer to reach for a fresh-pressed juice, an organic smoothie or a piece of fruit. Here is one way to keep cool, organically, with few calories and no artificial coloring or added sugar!

Summer Sorbet:

Cube organic watermelon and freeze until solid

Add 2 cups to blender (vitamix preferred)

Add 1/4 cup Purium’s Apothe Cherry juice (1-2 tablespoons of Apothe Cherry with water) and blend until smooth

Option to drizzle organic, local honey on top

(Recipe and photo by Nayeva Florie)


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