Flex Breakfast


Most days of the week start off with a bang, which is why our green juices and shaker bottles are so important. But, what about those other mornings? The mornings when you can linger in bed before deciding to get up or stay in your pajamas a little longer than normal. These mornings are a gratifying break in the day-to-day routine, when we have a chance to treat ourselves to the things we don’t experience every day, like…breakfast. While a stack of fresh, warm pancakes may be temping on a lazy morning, living a balanced lifestyle teaches us how to find healthier answers to our guilty pleasures. Below are a few Flex options for those cozy, family breakfast mornings.

Flourless Pancakes: Choose from a long list of healthy toppings like raw honey, organic maple syrup, organic butter or ghee, fresh berries, almond butter or Purium’s special sautéed apples in coconut oil with cinnamon!

Avocados and Mango Toast: Using your choice of organic sprouted bread, this could quickly become your favorite breakfast! You can always add an egg too for added protein!

Quinoa Breakfast Bowl: Breakfast bowls are fun for the whole family and can be made a variety of ways. Add your favorite organic sautéed veggies into the mix.

Overnight Chia Seed Pudding: This is great for both on the go or taking it slow mornings!



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