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Purium’s Co-founder and Visionary, Dave Sandoval, is the proud nominee of the Producer’s Choice International Community Inspiration Award for his humanitarian efforts. Dave will accept this award with 11 other recipients of other special honors at the Best of Hollywood Awards on November 8, 2017.  A 31618598582_a01ccd79ee_onotable past recipient of the same award is U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

David Sandoval has dedicated his life to providing whole, raw, green food products to the world and educating the masses about the importance of nutrition. At 17 years-old, David lost the Aunt who had raised him due to a poor, chemically-processed diet. With his passion for pure foods and preventative answers ignited, he embarked on a worldwide journey that allowed him to research alongside internationally-acclaimed industry leaders, such as Ann Wigmore, the mother of the “Living Foods Lifestyle.” Eager to make a difference, David launched his own business where he could make pure and premium food products with absolutely no artificial colors, artificial flavors, binders, fillers or genetically modified ingredients. His dedication to quality ingredients and the understanding of phytochemistry education led to the creation of his book, “The Green Foods Bible.” 20 years later, David continues to research and share his findings through lectures and The Dave Sandoval Academy of Learning.

David Sandoval’s other accolades include:

  • Dave and Amy started their company in Long Beach after the worst riots in Long Beach history because they believed in Gandhi’s philosophy “Be the change you wish to see in the world” and the importance of healing one’s own community. They made it a point to specifically enlist people who had come across hard times and desired to turn over a new leaf.
  • We helped 200 rice farmers in thailand reject Monsanto and embrace organic farming though the support of micro-loans
  • Dave and Amy have supported interval house multiple times and Dave does this because of his history of being raised in an abusive household himself
  • As a radio host in New York, Dave fought to legally ban trans fats and today, New York is one of the only states that has this law implemented.
  • Took in an 860 lb. man and lived with him for 5 months and supported him in his weight-loss goals while he overcame obesity through nourishing his body
  • Donated 700 lbs of rice bran solubles to a no-kill horse rescue in Valley Center, California
  • Disaster relief support in the form of organic superfood powders for hurricanes Harvey and Irma
  • Organic By Nature has helped design and provide nutrition support for cancer treatments at the Block Institute, named after Dr. Keith Block, who wrote the foreward to Dave’s book, “The Green Foods Bible.”
  • Dave wrote the former NFL’s Players Association protocols for injuries regarding chronic enthesopathy.




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