How to Support your Digestive System During the Holidays 


The holiday season brings us endless sweets and comfort foods that can quickly give our stomachs unwanted digestion troubles. Regardless of our holiday eating habits, everyone can benefit from Purium’s digestive supporting products all year long!
“The need to keep your gut healthy is the greatest need and foundation of good health,” says Purium Co-founder Amy Venner. Watch the Lifestyle Zoom where Amy, joined by Co-founder Dave Sandoval, shares Purium’s natural solutions to repairing gut health and treating digestive issues.
Americans spend around $10 billion on prescription drugs that help treat digestive issues and $2 billion on over-the-counter digestive aids such as Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) or antacids. These treatments typically include magnesium and aluminum and could produce side effects such as hyperacidity, dose-dependent rebound, and increased blood levels. Long term use of these medications may also increase the risk of stomach or gastric cancer.
Discover below the Purium products that can aid digestion without the harmful side effects!
A core Purium product, Biome Medic specializes in supporting the detox process to give your body the superior gut health it deserves. The first step to strong gut health is repairing the damage caused by toxins in our food. Biome Medic receieved the Gold Standard certification from the Detox Project for removing glyphosate from the body.
This herbicide may cause digestive issues as it is present in 75% of the foods in America. Along with flushing out glyphosate, Biome Medic also supports good bacteria and villi (tiny finger-like structures) located in our small intestine to become healthy enough to stop anything from passing through the digestive system that doesn’t belong. With all-natural ingredients, this exclusive and proprietary formula will protect your gut from harmful toxins and support your digestion!
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A gluten-free alternative to Biome Medic, Aloe Digest contains no wheat germ extract and is rich with polysaccharides to promote healthy digestion. Like Biome Medic, it can help bind and eliminate glyphosate and support a healthy digestive system. Aloe Digest acts as an aid for digestive issues such as GERD, acid reflux, and indigestion and relieves an upset stomach or gas ache. Everyone needs a little extra digestion support and Aloe Vera is truly one of nature’s best aid!
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Some foods we eat just don’t settle right in our stomachs, but with our Enzyme Advantage, you can ease digestive discomfort that may arise from certain meals or snacks. Unlike other enzymes that get broken down, our enzymes are specialized to work in difficult pH environments including our stomachs which are filled with digestive acids. The enzymes can then survive through our digestive tracts to support healthy digestion. Our Enzyme Advantage formula helps your body break down and assimilate nutrients and ensures that no food remains in your body undigested.
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Green vegetables are the most powerful product when it comes to feeding good bacteria in the body. Our Green Spectrum formula is the most abundant, potent, and pure green drink you may ever find! Made with a collection of sea plants, juiced field grasses, and garden vegetables, it gives your body the minerals and trace minerals it needs to support an increased immune system function, healthy pH and oxygen levels and a stronger digestive system.
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Try these special packs that combine the products above for ultimate digestive support!
Allergy Reduction Pack: Aloe Digest, Enzyme Advantage, and Green Spectrum
Gut Health Pack: Aloe Digest, Green Spectrum, Biome Medic

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