Gut + Adrenal Health: How Are They Connected?


Be honest: have you ever felt tired and anxious, with a strong craving for sweets and salty goodies?

(We’re nodding our heads right now, too).

Well, did you know that these symptoms can be an indication that you are currently feeling adrenal fatigue?

Did you also know that these symptoms could be related to your gut health?

That’s right – your adenal glands and your gut (your second brain) could be contributing to the above symptoms! They are more connected than you might think!

We’re going to dive into this subject with details and tips from Co-Founder Amy Venner. If you would to watch her Zoom on this topic, scroll down below!

What is Adrenal Health?


When we talk about our adrenal glands, what exactly are we talking about? Our adrenals are located towards the top of kidneys. These glands release hormones that travel around our body to help it function on a regular basis.

When you feel stressed, your adrenal glands get to work. They release hormones, like cortisol, in your body to support you. But what happens when you feel stressed consistently for a prolonged period of time?

That could mean trouble for you. Why? Well, if your body is continously pumping out these hormones, you can start to feel physically and emotionally taxed. And that’s not fun!

What’s more, your hormone production may not be to kick itself into gear when you really need it.

(To learn more, you can read our guide on adrenal fatigue here).


So what can you to help? Luckily, we have support featured in our Purium Head to Toe series. Refine your adrenal health with Bee Energetic!

Bee Energetic contains adaptogenic ingredients that work synergestically to support sustained energy, encouraging healthy immune and adrenal health.

Here’s how the ingredients may help:

  • White American Ginseng – This adaptogenic herb contains ginsenosides that support stress control.
  • Bee Pollen – Sustainably sourced bee pollen is actually recognized as medical powerhouse by the German Federal Board of Help. Why? Bee pollen’s high antioxidant capacity can support your immune system and how your body responds to stress.
  • Sprulina – Blue-green spirulina is nutrient-rich. Also know as nature’s multi-vitamin, spirulina supplies vegan protein, vitamin B-12 and much more.
  • Cordyceps – This traditional Chinese medicine supports endurance and helps increase oxygen updatake, making it a great support for fatigue. It’s so powerful that it once confused an Olympic Judge Panel. A panel felt that some athletes may have been using illegal drugs because their performance was so good! Really, there were just using cordyceps. (Cordyceps is a main ingredient in our pre-workout, Can’t Beet This!).

Getting your adrenal health in ordeer may help you reduce your stress levels and fatigue. But if you’re still feeling down, there may be another culprit – your gut!

What Do You Need to Know About Gut Health?


When we talk about gut health, you may think about digestion, GERD, leaky gut and maybe even bloat. But did you know that your gut can actually affect your hormonal and immune function too?

And did you know there may be one sneaky pesticide that can be wreaking havoc in your body without even knowing it?

Glyphosate, a nasty herbicide, can be traced to LARGE amount of the foods you find in the market and the food being served to you. What’s more, this herbicide has been linked to big trouble, such as leaky gut.

With glyphosate wreaking havoc in your gut, it may impaired, limiting hormone function and taking a toll on your mental health. Plus, any digestion issues that this herbicide contribute to may have you not leaving the bed out of lethargy. Of course, the more time we spend in bed throughout the day, the more we feel down and out!

If you’re ready to take the control back in your hands we have the solution.


Product Formulator and Co-Founder Dave Sandoval created Biome Medic to help support and strenghten the gut. Here’s how it can help.

Biome Medic

  • Biome Medic is the only product in the world that has decreased glyphosate levels in a human body by 75% in a pre-clinical trial.
  • Biome Medic also decreased C-reactive protein (a biomarker for inflammation) in the human body in a pre-clinical trial.
  • By reducing glyphosate and supporting the body’s reaction to inflammation, we have heard great stories about how our cusomers have improved their mental health and their gut strength! (To learn more about these stories, click here).

We felt that Biome Medic is so important that we made it easily accessible for everyone in your family. That’s what this awesome product is main ingredient in our Epi-Genius line:

  • Epi-Genius Kids: A decadent chocolate shake that is packed with vitamins, protein, good fatty acids and more
  • Epi-Genius Dogs: A dog-friendly gut support with joint-supporting ingredients and more

Hear From Amy

Amy dealt with adrenal fatigue and gut issues that contributed to skin issues qnd her mental health. To hear more of her story, click her to watch her Lifestyle Zoom.  






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