Women’s Hair Loss: What Is It and What Can You Do?


In honor of International Women with Alopecia Month, Purium Co-Owner Dave Sandoval dedicated his recent weekly Lifestyle Zoom to hair loss. (In case you did not know, alopecia is also known as hair loss.)

In our recap of Dave’s Zoom, we’re covering some of the science behind hair loss, specifically for women. Plus, find Dave’s product pairing tips for support!

Hair Loss – Zoom Recap

When you hear about hair loss, most times, it is in reference to men. More specifically, most products that are created for hair loss refer to male pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness usually occurs in one spot on a male’s scalp.

But women can face these issues as well. For example, women can face androgenetic and androgenic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia refers to hair loss that is passed down from family member to family member through genetic function. Androgenic alopecia refers to hair loss caused by an imbalance of  androgen (a hormone that helps regulate the body).

Certan factors may contribute androgrenic hair loss, such as:

  • Birth control products
  • Pregnancy
  • Menopause

Women’s hair loss may appear different than “pattern” baldness that men face. While women can suffer from “pattern” baldness too (which only occurs in one spot), they may also suffer from balding caused by hair thining. In this type of hair loss, women lose hair from all across their scalp. Hair strands may fall out throughout the day or with action, such as brushing.

There are 3 more types of alopecia that you should be aware of as well:

  • Telogen effluvium – Hair loss due to stress
  • Anagen effluvium – Hair loss due to treatments like chemotherapy, which may damage hair follicles
  • Inflammatory Alopecia – Hair loss caused by the body’s inflammatory reactive function

All cases of hair loss range from mild to complete (ranging from the amount of hair that is lost). Most cases heal over time. Now we understand that “the waiting game” may make you feel stressed, but remember good things take time, Your body needs time to heal.

However, there are steps you can take to help your body recover from hair loss.

Dave’s Tips + Product Pairing


Here are some tips from Dave:

  • Circulation is key. Fuel the body with nutrients to encouage healthy circulation in the body.
  • Stay away from foods with hydrogenated oils, preservatives, unhealthy fats and trans fat.
  • Stay from processed foods, which may contribute to inflammation and hormone imbalance.
  • Massage the scalp to help encourage healthy circulation.
  • Avoid wearing hats, especially tight-fighting hats!

Dave’s Product Pairing

How can you support the strength and health of your hair? Your diet can play a huge role. One of the most effective ways to support hair health is by supporting your body’s collagen production. Collagen is a protein that helps build stregth for hair, skin, bones, nails and other parts of your body.

You may think you need to really on animal meat for collagen support, but that’s not true. Check out Dave’s Purium product suggestions.

Renew Hair, Skin & Nails

Ingredients: Spirulina, Ho Shou Wu, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), Horsetail Herb, Bamboo Extract, Dandelion Leaf, Saw Palmetto Extract, Kelp, Ginger Root, Grape Seed Extract, Lutein.

  • Ho Shou Wu (a main ingredient in Renew) has been found to support hair growth and even color. How does it do this? This herb helps support and stimulate antioxidants in the body, such as superoxide dismutase.
  • Saw palmetto may help support lower DHT levels, which contirbutes to androgen levels in the body. As you may remember, androgens play a role in hair loss,
  • Dandelion leaf has been protecting bones (which is how it can be supportive in a collagen routine).
  • MSM, an organic sulfur compound, may support joints, assiting the strength between carotene molecules to make connective tissue stronger.
  • Silicia  (naturally occuring in bamboo shoots) support protein production, which aids collagen.
  • Sea kelp contains natual-occuring iodine, which may support hair growth. Sea kelp works synergistically with the other plant nutrients in Renew.
  • Ginger root helps support circulation in the body, delivering nutrients and supporting good fatty acids.

Super Amino 23

Ingredients: L – Leucine, L- Lysine Acetate, L – Valine, L – lsoleucine, L – Phenylalanine, L –  Threonine, L –  Methionine, L – Tryptophan.

  • Super Amino 23 supports collagen production with 100% pre-digested vegan protein.

Listen to the Zoom

Download and listen to Dave’s Lifestyle Zoom about hair loss here.


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