Is your water glass half empty or full?


Who doesn’t love a glass of cold, crisp water? Or maybe you prefer it room temp. It’s just one of the many gifts we receive from our beautiful, mother Earth. That’s why we get a little (maybe, a lot) sad when we hear news about companies taking advantage of these precious gifts. As a natural resource, sometimes water falls prey.

A Water Glass Half-Empty

Take bottled water, for instance. We don’t want to name names, but some companies make billions of dollars worldwide by buying water (sometimes, the body of water where it comes from), bottling it and then selling it. Privatizing water is a business and to make money these corporate executives view clean, drinking water as a privilege, not a human right. They actively seek to privatize water control, so that they alone can determine the market value and make a profit off a natural resource that people need to survive. Corporations like this aim to not only charge high prices for access to pure resources, but they also choose to make it easy for their products to litter the earth.

Which is SO not cool!

The latest trend is “raw water.” It’s marketed as water fresh from the natural source, which would be cool, if those companies weren’t planning to charge an arm and a leg. Not only that, but these companies aren’t checking if those natural sources have clean water. They’re potentially charging high prices for water that has the potential to make people sick.

Considering how many people do not have access to clean water, privatizing a natural resource like this is quite disheartening. It’s a depressing fact that by 2025, the United Nations expects that 1.8 billion people will live in places with dire water shortages.

You don’t even have to look far to see this. Look at Flint, Michigan! The city used the contaminated Flint River as its water resource because it was cost-effective. Then a bottled-water company “saves” the day by selling their privatized water to Flint citizens and making a profit off their despair.

A Water Glass Half-Full

That’s not to say that all major and profitable corporations are doing something wrong. There is a growing list of companies that work with healthy-intentions hard to make the world a better place with sustainable products, healthy intentions and humanely sourced and which can help people improve their overall health. Check out Patagonia. Patagonia recently addressed Congress for turning their backs on national monument and land protections.

Many companies are creating work cultures that promote health and ecologically-friendly practices. Major corporations are making sure their employees have easy access to fitness, meditation and vegan-friendly meals.

In 2018, we hope more companies follow in these footsteps.

Dave’s Vision

Dave Sandoval’s goal is to provide everyone with pure and natural products, especially in a world where healthier alternatives seem sparse or too expensive. This spirit is the drive behind Purium and its products–like our Water Filter Bottle, which can provide access to 20 gallons of clean water wherever you are.

Today’s food distribution and profit system is full of chemicals and processed products that are not good for our bodies or our earth. It might be a little ambitious to want to start a healthy living campaign for all, but hey, together we can do it!





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