Product Spotlight: Control Pre-Meal Capsules 


At Purium, our products and programs not only transform your lifestyle and relationship with food, they also help reduce unhealthy cravings and urges. With the holiday season quickly approaching, there is no better time to consider our Control Pre-Meal Capsules. If consumed 30 minutes prior to your food indulges, these capsules are designed to control your appetite by changing how your body reacts to simple carbohydrates and sugary foods. 

No matter how healthy we eat during most of the year, it is nearly impossible to turn down those irresistible desserts and comfort foods during the holidays. To help tame your holiday sweet tooth, listen to Purium’s Owners, Dave Sandoval & Amy Venner, discuss the beneficial ingredients in our Control Pre-Meal Capsules in their Weekly Lifestyle Zoom. 


Unlike diet pills that dehydrate the body by temporarily getting rid of water weight, Purium’s Pre-Meal Control Capsules produce lasting and transformative results in a healthy manner. Whether going out to a dinner with friends, celebrating a birthday or indulging in dessert these capsules will weaken the desire to binge unhealthy foods, and get rid of the shameful regret that often comes after a splurge. 


Through ingredients derived from five different continents, each working in a special way, your willpower in relation to food consumption will strengthen. The capsule’s components include white kidney bean extract, green tea extract, ayurvedic medicine, ginseng, and fibers from a South American cactus that all come together to serve as a companion for your lifestyle transformation. 


Studied and tested in Europe, white kidney bean extract controls the amount of sugar that passes into your body by setting up a defense. It takes the sugar and recombines it into a carbohydrate matrix, dramatically slowing down the rate sugars are absorbed. 


While eating at a fast rate, the time it takes for the hormone that exists in your stomach to send a signal to the brain telling you that you are full is usually a twenty-minute process. With the aid of a green tea extract in our Control Pre-Meal Capsules this process is significantly reduced so that twenty minutes might become 2 minutes. Similarly, Opuntia an Ayurvedic ingredient interrupts the signal from your brain that signifies you are hungry. This interruption increases your sense of satisfaction and stops you from acting on your cravings. 


Opuntia, from a South American Cactus, incorporated in our capsules have tiny dry fibers that occupy glucose receptor sites causing them to swell up and make your body believe it has eaten more than it has, so you feel fuller faster. 


To reduce the likelihood of anxious or nervous overeating, we’ve included White American Ginseng to the list of capsule ingredients. By soothing the body, ginseng decreases anxious feelings, prompting a shrinkage in insecurity which may otherwise cause us to reach for comfort snacks or overeat in uncomfortable or social situations.  


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