Our Tart Truth


Did you know that Apothe-Cherry is one of Purium’s non-GMO certified foods? Apothe-Cherry offers incredible health benefits and other Purium products can boost them even more!

The man behind the products, Dave Sandoval, suggests the following “Purium Product Pairings” to take with Apothe-Cherry:

  • For healthy weight loss and management: Add Daily Fiber Blend to support healthy blood sugar levels with reduced calories and carbs.
  • For your daily fruit serving: Mix in a serving of Bio Fruit.
  • For healthy immune function and sleep: Add 40x Aloe Vera Concentrate to increase antioxidants and melatonin in the blood 3x!
  • Alternative Product: Bio Relax vegetarian capsules also contain Tart Cherry as a key ingredient.

Not only does Apothe-Cherry help #RechargeYourYouth , but it also makes for a tasty, healthy mocktail mixer! Try mixing in a tablespoon with a few ounces of Lemon Ginger Kombucha.

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