Purium Women Who Change Lives Every Day


Purium is home to some of the most genuine people to walk this green earth. We may be a little biased, but our Tribe is pretty awesome.  From all paths of life, our customers and teams never cease to amaze us.
Today, we want to spotlight some of the women in our crew. Purium is full of leading ladies who are making a difference in the health of others. And its worthwhile to shed some light on their great accomplishments. 
So, without further ado, here are just a few of the Wellness Women Warriors in our Tribe.

Wellness Women Warriors

These women lead their lives as health coaches, Purium Brand Partners and more. We hope their stories ignite a flame for you to live life as passionately as they do.

Amy Venner

Purium Co-owner Amy Venner-Hamdi fearlessly guides the company to new heights every year. Of course, she was going to make this list! With an iron fist but compassionate heart, Amy helps the company make difficult decisions, such as our most recent product discontinuation. (Read more on our Facebook page).
Although there are many departments in Purium’ corporate office, Amy seamlessly connects us all. If that’s not enough, Amy is closely connected to the tribe of Brand Partners, external vendors and her passion project, the Million Mom Movement. She’s a true wellness warrior that changes lives every day.
Read here to find out what she’s doing in 2019.


What’s not to say about this charismatic Brand Partner? From transforming the health of others to coaching others to be health advocates, Skylar spreads a message of love and light wherever she goes. Believing that everyone deserves to feel good, she credits the 40-Day as the best way to totally transform your self – inside and out. 
Recently, she’s elevated her business to a new high, inspiring her team to up their game too. Changing the lives of everyone she interacts with, Skylar helps further our mission to heal the world with superfood nutrition. 


Sonia is pretty much a Purium household name. Once a savvy real estate agent, Sonia now helps empower other Brand Partner s to make a health difference within their communities.

When she’s not explaining the key nutrients that Purium superfoods offer, she’s leading her business team to major success. Answering difficult questions, leading others and assisting those who are new to Purium, Sonia helps our little world revolve every day.


Another vital member of the Field Advisory Board, Cindi is a Purium OG product lover. This super cool mom of two is known for keeping her two kids thriving with Cracked Cell Chlorella, Power Shake and other Purium products on the daily.

Cindi’s love for Purium goes beyond the products with the insight she provides to Amy, Dave and her fellow leaders. She is truly a mover and a shaker when it comes to making goals AND achieving them!



Last, but far from the least, A mother of three, Brand Partner Sarah Rhinelander knows just how important nutrition is to mothers’ and children’s health. After her first 10-Day Transformation, she was so amazed by the results that she quickly become one of Purium’s leading wellness advocates.  
Today, Sarah is also a Field Advisory Board member and supports hundreds of people with deep, transformational processes through the healing arts. Her expertise has encouraged other moms to provide for their families in more ways than one.


Living busy lives is a trend for our strong Purium women, yet they still find time to help others. Lucy Mazes is no different. What’s great about this Brand Partner is that she breaks down language barriers, becoming one of Purium’s strongest leaders. She leads her health mission with both conviction and grace.

Lucy’s biggest claim to fame is leading Facebook Lives and presentations in both English and Spanish. What’s more, she translates various Purium materials (including our videos) so that Spanish-speakers never miss a beat. She certainly changed our lives for the better and we know she leads others to live happier, more healthier lives too.

We Love Our Tribe

You know what they say: it takes a village! And we couldn’t be happier with everyone who chose to join our community. These women are just a fraction of the amazing people in our Tribe. Make sure you show everyone some love and appreciation.


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