Catching Up with the Co-Founders: Amy & Dave’s 2019 So Far


From the announcement of the Summit to CBD+’s first birthday, our 2019 has been pretty exciting. But with all these crazy events taking place, you might be wondering: how are Purium co-founders Dave and Amy doing?

So, here’s a quick little update on how our two favorite people are navigating the year thus far.

Amy’s 2019

First and foremost, Amy has been doing what she does best: being a mother to her loving daughters. Besides trekking her daughters to gymnastic meets, she’s been hard at work in the Purium corporate office and with her organization, Million Mom Movement.

Purium Business

Amy’s been finalizing important details about Purium’s upcoming Summit convention, featuring comprehensive business training, good food and good people, too. That means extensive meetings, follow-ups and all of that good stuff. Good thing she has her favorite Purium products by her side.

She’s also hosted Healthy Happy Hours at our corporate offices every month. She welcomes a new group of people and inspires them to join the Purium mission. It’s hard work, but we’re so grateful for her. Catch the next one by checking out our events page.  

Plus, there’s a top secret project that she’s been working on. But we have to keep that on the DL right now. (Shh….)

Million Mom Movement

Amy’s also been meeting with the other earth mamas of the Million Mom Movement. Together, they’ve revamped their brand and even re-worked their entire website. Check it out here. When moms are on a mission, there’s no stopping them!

With the re-launch of their site, they open up their sponsorship program. We talked a little about this in our Purium Gives blog, but here’s a little recap:

  • Million Mom Movement is sponsoring moms to kick-start their career as health warriors, empowering her to support her family and the world with whole food nutrition.
  • The sponsorship includes a FREE Launch Pack and Purium products for the family.
  • Inquiries can be sent on the Million Mom Movement website.

Dave Sandoval’s 2019

So, what has the visionary been up to these days? Well, for starters, he’s expecting a new baby soon! Follow along on Facebook for his daily adventures as he prepares for baby at the Oasis.

But even as a whole new, exciting chapter is about to start, Dave continues to passionately lead Purium. Just last week, he invited  Purium Tribe members to his Oasis home for the annual UnConvention!

After dauntless preparation, it all paid off because everyone had the time of their lives, unplugging from the world and bonding with the planet and their tribe.

The A.W.A.K.E.N. Project

Dave and the folks over at the A.W.A.K.E.N. Project have also been hard at work during 2019. The A.W.A.K.E.N. Project enhances the lives of Autistic children and their families through support, education and nourishment. Their retreats offer support and resources to these families even after the retreat has completed.

We paired with this non-profit earlier this year for our Purium Gives program. Every month, they have volunteered to take in 1 family for their immersive retreats. And it has been going so well!

In fact, after very successful retreats and word of mouth, many families have applied for the program. The A.W.A.K.E.N. Project is seeking help (both financial and mental), so contact them if you’re able.

You may still submit an inquiry about the retreat via their contact page. They are eager to help as many families as they can.

What’s Ahead

So, what else does this year have in store for Dave and Amy? Well, you can catch them both at the upcoming Diamond Club  and at Purium’s Summit convention. We created these conventions every year and try to make each better than the last.

This year, our leaders championed a new experience. You can expect this and much more:

  • Business seminar from the exemplary business coach and Keynote Speaker, Leslie Zann
  • Real-world training based upon tactical material, including leveraging social media, working with influencers and more
  • New product launch (shh..we’ve already said too much)

We hope to see you there!

Got any questions for Dave and Amy? Leave them below!




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