Success Story: Health Pro turned Mom Pro


Former body builder (figure competitor), Marissa Rollo, has always leaned towards “healthy” nutrition. While those around her consumed protein shakes filled with hard metals, Marissa prided herself (and her body) on reading labels and making pure decisions. However, in her search for pure products, she not only felt frustrated by the lack of options, but also the ploys.


“It is tough to find good quality supplements. When you see ‘natural’ or ‘nothing artificial added’ only to learn it is full of GMO’s, heavy metals, and artificial sugars that harm the body, you can’t help but feel betrayed.”


This passion fueled Marissa to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Not only did she want to better understand diet and its influence on her body, but also she wanted to know how to direct others on their own paths of clean living.


“I wanted to align myself,” Marissa recalls. “So many women came to me looking for advice on the best nutrition and supplements to help them reach their health and wellness goals, I wanted to be able to help them.”


More inspired than ever to find the best, convenient health products, she brought her pursuit to the Internet where she first discovered Purium. At this point, the health food company was just another name among the sea of too-good-to-be-true-products.


One day, in a student forum, she decided to ask her fellow classmates, “Has anyone heard of Purium?”


To her surprise, another student responded, “I just joined them!”


While she was excited to have found what she had been looking for, life got in the way. A miscarriage and multiple hospital visits had left Marissa feeling broken and quite discouraged. However, she knew the answer to her problems was nutrition; she rededicated herself to the cause and her health.


“Even though I could help others with their nutrition and wellness goals, after I got sick, I also got stuck. It was like I forgot all I knew and that is a scary place. I needed to regroup and start with the basics, my nutrition and super foods, I needed to go back to using Purium!”


Marissa jumped back on the Purium wagon, the Power Shake, Super Amino 23, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics, and C from Nature.

Not only was she feeling energized, optimistic and strong again, she found a family who are all fighting for the same cause.


“My Purium journey has been long, but it’s a game change. I am more fired up than ever to call out to anyone out there who wants to join me on this incredible movement. This isn’t just a product, it’s a tribe. It is knowledge and products I can share with my children and teach others to do the same.”


Marissa finished school and become a Detox Specialist and Health Coach where she proudly advocates for Purium’s cause among her clients.


Marissa attests, “I can only recommend Purium because I know where each and every ingredient comes from, I know that it is non GMO and it is organic and I know that they work.”


She and her husband are the proud parents of three, 12-year-old son, Riley and daughters 9-year-old, Lili and 14-month-old Mylah.


“I am very particular with what I feed my family and myself. We grow our own vegetables and have chickens, and goats for raw milk, so I am very picky. Purium far exceeds my expectations with quality and performance. I have never found another company that grows their own ingredients and oversees the process of packaging. I know without a doubt that what is written on the bottle is exactly what is in it, nothing more nothing less.”


She has yet to do a full transformation, “I am nursing my 14 month old still and did a modified version for about 4 days. It was VERY beneficial and actually helped to increase my milk supply. When I am done nursing her I plan to do the Athlete Transformation.”


Until then, she will enjoy nursing her healthy baby and drinking her daily greens.


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