Drink Makeover: Cherry Kombucha


You may have fallen off of the health wagon for a couple weeks, but 2017 is officially here and it’s time to start fresh and new!

Resolution lists have been etched in stone and Purium is ready to help you meet your goals! Not only are our product packs designed to optimize your nutrition, but we are starting a Group Cleanse next Monday, January 9th. If you’re ready to release winter toxins and get fit, then you’ll want to stay plugged in to get recipes, motivation and encouragement. Whether you’re doing a cleanse or not, these tips and tasty recipes can be enjoyed by everyone.

This evening, treat your tastebuds and flood your body with tart cherry antioxidants that will help you sleep yourself healthy.

Cherry Kombucha

6 tablespoons Apothe-Cherry

2 tablespoons White American Ginseng

24 ounces organic kombucha

Stir it all together and serve chilled.





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