Green Living: Holiday Edition


Mountains of gift wrap, food and actual trees can be found on lots of curbs come December 26th. If this is your holiday season, it’s a time for some unfortunate waste. In fact, according to Recycle Works, about 2.6 billion holiday cards are sold in the U.S. every year, enough to fill a football field 10 stories high. Whether you celebrate this holiday season or don’t, these ideas can inspire anyone to incorporate eco-friendly modifications throughout the year, even on special occasions.

  • Electronic holiday cards make are excellent alternatives to paper ones because no one can throw them away!
  • Channel some creativity to reuse paper items for gift wrap and cards.
  • When you can, refuse plastic. Opt for items made from paper, wood, metals and other natural-based material.
  • Instead of paper decorations or wasteful centerpieces try natural fallen branches, organic cotton textiles and beeswax candles. Natural Living Ideas has a ton of unique, eco-friendly activities that are also great for families to do together!
  • Give gifts that are functional and reusable (and LOCAL)
  • Unplug your gadgets
  • Traveling during the holidays may force you to burn extra fuel, but try your best to counterbalance it by avoiding it when you can. Walk, bike or ride the local public transportation instead of driving a rental car or hitching a taxi or Uber.
  • Plant a few fir, spruce or pine trees in pots and nurture their growth. These can also make great gifts!
  • Recycle your real Christmas tree. Check with your local government or city website to see more details.
  • Be aware of your and your family’s consumption and try to reduce it by 20%. Remember, consumption involves more than just eating, such as shopping and screen time. Replace evening TV watching with an hour of family walking!


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