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10-Day Transformation FAQ’s

Answered By Transformer Theresa (via Dr. Dana) Day 10 and going strong. Feeling amazing. This is the first cleanse / diet / lifestyle change, whatever you want to call it, that I felt was sustainable. My futile attempts in the past always led me right back to where I started, reaching for the sugar. I’m […]

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Success Story: Health Pro turned Mom Pro

Former body builder (figure competitor), Marissa Rollo, has always leaned towards “healthy” nutrition. While those around her consumed protein shakes filled with hard metals, Marissa prided herself (and her body) on reading labels and making pure decisions. However, in her search for pure products, she not only felt frustrated by the lack of options, but also the ploys.   […]

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Featured,Food,Greens,Motivation,Nutrition,Plant Power,Purium Products,Success Stories,Success Stories,Work16 Nov , 2016

Success Story: Renewed Friendship and Energy

Debra was a pro with cleanses, detoxes and health systems that promised to invigorate and revive. Her best friend, Stefanie knew this and also knew of Debra’s success at running a real estate agency. “When she first told me about it I was hesitant and super skeptical because I had tried so many other products […]

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Family,Featured,Greens,Kids,Nutrition,Plant Power,Purium Products,Success Stories12 Oct , 2016

Success Story: Veronika Petra- A Healthy Pregnancy With Purium

Veronika is an amazing full-time mom to two little ones and a hard-working Purium entrepreneur! Her success story was written to us in letter form as you will read below:   Dear Purium Health Products, Thank you for fully supporting Elora’s health when I was 2 months postpartum last year. I completed a transformation and […]

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Featured,Motivation,Purium Products,Success Stories,Success Stories17 Jun , 2016

Success Story: Randy Zwetzig – A Painful Bladder And Sleepless Nights

I had an embarrassing secret. Whenever I felt nature calling, the signal to urinate was very sudden and sharp and I had to find a bathroom immediately.  This problem was irritating and, often made me feel very awkward, especially when I had to get up during movies with my family, had to find camouflage during rounds of golf, […]

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Athletic Performance,Featured,Sports,Success Stories,Weight Loss,Workouts20 Apr , 2016

Success Story: Jenny Carter – From Athlete to Super Athlete

Physical competition, whether in team sports or in individual events, is part of my DNA. While my passion for athletics did not lead me to a spot on a professional team (darn!), I chose a career that enabled me to stay active and involved in sports. I worked many years as a Special Education teacher […]

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Success Stories,Success Stories4 Mar , 2016

Success Story: Kirsten Brown – From Depression to Gratitude

After having kids, I began to gain weight. Before I knew it, over a decade had passed me by and I was at my highest weight; 260 pounds. I was lonely, sad, depressed, and unhealthy. Last summer the symptoms begin – hair loss, headaches, anxiety, confusion, memory loss, difficulty swallowing, rapid pulse, dry skin, hyper-defecation, […]

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Featured,Success Stories,Success Stories7 Jan , 2016

Success Stories: Allison G – Score One for Good Health!

I don’t think enough attention can be given to the value of good health; the value of investing in and maintaining good health. It takes commitment but good health makes anything possible. That’s what Purium has taught me. When my family of six relocated from Hawaii to Washington state in 2008, we didn’t realize it […]

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Featured,Success Stories,Success Stories18 Dec , 2015

Success Story: Audrey Gonzalez – Tragedy to Triumph

Tragedy to Triumph One Family’s Journey Written as Audrey Gonzalez’s Personal Reflection   “A new baby is like the beginning of all things—wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.”  – Eda J. Le Shan I still can’t believe Rafael is here. Nearly a year has gone by and my husband Victor and I are still in complete […]

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Featured,Success Stories,Success Stories19 Nov , 2015

Success Story: Jimmy Kirby – Glory Days

I was a natural born athlete. My Lometa Hornets High School football number was 24. I played running back, tight end, punter, defensive middle linebacker, defensive end, all special teams. We won District champs 2 years, and I was named All-State Punter-2 years in a row. My basketball number was 42 and I played Forward. […]

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Featured,Food,Success Stories,Success Stories19 Oct , 2015

Success Story: Kim Fanning – I’m Not Pregnant!

“So, when are you due?” I would like to say that it was in that completely mortifying moment that I started my journey to a healthier, stronger, better life. But it wasn’t.  “Um. I’m not pregnant.” I was a stay-at-home mother of three and I was miserable. And I felt guilty about it. I never […]

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