Purium Tips for Stress & Uncertainty


How do you deal with stress?

We’re not going to lie. Sometimes we feel stressed, just thinking about stress. But it’s important for us to talk about this issue.

In a survey conducted by Gallup in 2019, 55% of American participants reported feeling stressed during their regular daily life. We can only imagine how that number has changed during 2020.

Stress can be make you feel you like you’re alone, that’s there no hope. But that’s not true.

Purium Owners Dave & Amy candidly dedicated their recent Lifestyle Zoom to this topic. Read the recap to learn about their tips and tricks. You can also scroll to the bottom if you would rather watch the Zoom.

Zoom Recap – Stress

Stress may be a problem, but luckily, there are natural solutions. There are different kinds of stress you can encounter, including physical and mental.
Before diving into product recommendations, Dave and Amy gave easy ways to manage stress in your daily life.

Daily Life Tips

  • If you’re able, remove yourself from a stressful situation. We do not mean avoiding stress for the rest of your life. We mean to manage your stress strategically. If you come across a stressful message on social media, walk away and don’t engage.  Take a nap or relaxing bath. Stiumuli can cause stress–even good stimuli like a promotion or other good news. Know when it’s time to take a quick breather to re-group.
  • Get better at problem-solving. Let’s be honest. Raise your hand if you have ever procrastinated a project until the last minute. (Our hands are up too).  That can cause a multitude of stress, including giving you more time to think about the project and less time to actually accomplish the project. When you have an issue or project, be sure to manage it effectively to minimize the toll it can take on your mental health.
  • Accept the things you cannot change. This is something that is easy to say, but not necessarily to do. There is no point in wasting your energy on something that cannot change. Instead, you should use your energy for something else…
  • Create positive experiences. Remember that energy we just talked about? Harness it to create positive experiences in your life. Plan on how you can better manage situations and learn how you can help bring good energy to others. In turn, you will raise your own spirits.
  • Journal. When is the last time you journaled? Jot down your daily experience and how you feel. More importantly, review your journal periodically. Do you notice a pattern in your behavior? Determine how you can remedy the situation so it does not continue to stress you.
  • Laugh it off. A good laugh can go a long way! Laugh at your mistakes, but do better next time.
  • Be flexible. Think of life like a river that constantly ebbs and flows. Life is fluid, so we should be too. Being more flexible in how you handle situations will help decrease your stress.
  • Assert yourself; speak up when needed. Sometimes we can get into sticky situations for not speaking up. Speak up if you’re not comfortable with something.
  • Seek support but don’t rely upon it. There is nothing wrong with seeking help. Don’t become dependent on others as there may come a time where you cannot reach out. Develop your own self-support when necessary.

Nutritional Tips

Diet can play a role in your stress as well. And we’re not just talking about stress you can feel in your mind. Cellular oxidative stress can take a toll on your body without you even knowing it, contributing to aging and disease.
Your body is a well-oiled machine. So when it is properly nourished, it will be able to handle stress like a champ. Make sure to fill up on fruits and veggies daily to keep inflammation at bay.
If you’re looking for an easy way to do this, look into our Daily Core 4. One product in our Daily Core 4, called Apothe-Cherry, may help support deeper sleep. As you may know, sleep is important in managing our stress levels.
What’s more, our hormones play a role in stress. If you’re looking for a an adrenal recharge, look into Bee Energetic. Support healthy hormone production to keep your body healthy and not in a constant fight-or-flight mood.
We also suggest looking to our White American Ginseng, which may help support healthy blood flow.


Finally, we’d like to talk about CBD. We have heard a lot of success stories about how CBD has helped customers adapt to stress, not just physically, but mentally as well!
Dave told a story of Purium Tribe member who used to be scared of going to the dentist. With the help of CBD, they were able to overcome their fear and stress to finally be treated. Situations like this make us smile. And it is fun to have a little laugh as we look back on these situations.
However, some things are not a laughing matter. Feelings of doubt or unworthiness can sometimes permeate our minds. The thoughts may hold us down, making us feel awful on a daily basis.
We have heard that CBD has helped some customers with this as well. CBD is truly powerful, especially when the ingredients are as pure as ours.
So, how is CBD able to help in such a powerful way? Our body contains a contains neuroreceptor sites made for receiving cannabidiol. Learn more on PuriumCBD.com.
Our CBD syngerstically combines full spectrum and pure CBD extracts with hemp seed oil for a mega-dose of 1500mg.

Watch the Zoom

If you would like to hear more about this topic, click the Lifestyle Zoom to hear from Dave and Amy.


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