Purium History & Future: Promoting Equal Opportunity & Social Justice


“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Purium’s mission was born from the belief that every person deserves equal and affordable access to high-quality nutrition.

As a community, going through unprecedented times with multiple senseless killings at the hands of the police, we feel indescribable pain and shock. As a company rooted in community, we feel a duty to not only speak out about racism, inequality and injustice, but to continue to take action steps that lead to long-term change in the workplace, in Purium’s community and in the world.

In 1993, Dave and Amy firmly planted their roots to grow on Seabright Avenue in Long Beach, California. The community had been severely hurt for many reasons, including the Rodney King riots. Dedicated to help rebuild with their neighbors, they shared the streets with many lifestyles that are born from human suffering and desperation.


While some administrative staff felt uncomfortable and vacated their positions, Amy and Dave stood strong in their conviction to stay rooted in an underserved and neglected community. The business partners felt a deep responsibility to provide an equal opportunity to succeed, regardless of race, religion, gender or socioeconomic background.

In 2016, Purium was ready to help another community. Dave and Amy were so proud of helping to develop a bubbling economy in Long Beach and wanted to keep spreading that light.


Realtors showed Dave and Amy properties in Manhattan Beach, Orange County and El Segundo, areas deemed more “safe and secure”, but the options didn’t feel right to them. In alignment with their origin story, they wanted to grow their roots in a community that could benefit from its presence and providing the opportunity for stable employment, growth and benefits. 

Toward the end of 2017, Purium moved into its new home in Rancho Dominguez, a section of Compton, California. We love being part of this community.Dave and Amy continue to hire staff from the local community and the corporate team is as diverse as the two cities it has called home.


As Purium grows, we find more and more ways to share what we have gained. Here are just a few ways that Purium strives to help change systemic inequality:

  • Hire new employees through the Economic Development Department of Long Beach, an agency that helps companies hire unemployed minorities.
  • Student Scholarships for local students at an underfunded school. Dave and Amy offered inspiration so the students could get their grades up, offering anyone who earned straight A’s scholarships and jobs which could lead to college.
  • Donate annually to charities, such as Interval House, a resource for battered women and children to seek refuge.
  • In light of this historic moment in the Black Lives Matter movement, Purium will donate 4 scholarships that will be offered solely to individuals in the Black community. This will include 6-months worth of nutrition, a free Launch Pack to increase their income, and business mentoring from community leaders. (details to come)
  • Every week, with the Million Mom Movement, Purium sponsors one underemployed family (all races) with a scholarship. with a 6-months worth of nutrition, a free Launch Pack to increase their income, and business mentoring from community leaders. If you would like to learn more about this or nominate someone you know, check out the Million Mom Movement website.
  • Purium sponsored an employee to help local businesses in Long Beach clean up their streets after the recent looting. Together, the community stood in solidarity with peaceful protesters while also re-building the community.

We Challenge You

Just as Dave and Amy committed themselves to help under-represented and under-served communities, we would like you to commit to this mission too. Let’s be peaceful, but never be quiet.

Purium Tribe, we call on you to diversify our community. Set an intention to actively spread light to communities, especially communities within food deserts (neighborhoods which don’t have fresh & nutritious food available within walking or biking distance). Reach out to those in need, listen to voices that have been discriminated against, and work together to nurture change and growth.

If you’d like to support your local community, consider volunteering or donating to organizations serving underemployed and homeless populations in your area.

To learn more about Purium’s effort to give back to the world, listen to this Zoom with Dave Sandoval. 


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