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Meal Makeover: Cauliflower Steak

Written by: Purium

Looks great! My edits: It has been said before that one of the hardest parts of doing a 10-Day Transformation is not being able to eat warm foods… but that is not actually the case! You can saute apple slices with a little cinnamon and honey as a warm “dessert” or roast some veggies with coconut oil. But if you are wanting something even heartier that deliciously satisfies your cravings, while also staying compliant to the plan (hint, hint – serving size is crucial) then this cauliflower “steak” recipe is for you!
Recipe by Ameey Patel (with adjustments by editor)
2 tablespoons Purium’s Organic Tropic Oil
1 pinch organic curry powder
1/2 teaspoon raw, organic honey
1 pinch organic paprika Himalyan sea salt (to taste)
1 organic cauliflower head
Mix all ingredients together in a bowl
Slice organic cauliflower
One cauliflower yields 4 steaks
Brush mixture onto cauliflower slices
Broil in oven 5-10 min at 345 F
Plate – Cauliflower steak with sauce mixture, 3 slices organic apple, and sautéed garlic and spinach on top!
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