Creating A Workout Schedule


It’s not easy getting into a workout routine or demanding more from a routine that has become average. We also may set up our gym schedule with days off, anticipating muscle soreness and recovery time which can enable inconsistency or lack of commitment. A way to keep you in a healthy, consistent routine without over-exerting muscles is to focus on different muscle groups each day. This way, you don’t take days off, but your body receives the proper rest it needs. So, instead of working full body three days a week, dedicate five days a week to a specific group of muscles. For example: Monday you can go on a run outside to start your week off right, Tuesday try some chest exercises, Wednesday work your back muscles, Thursday get those legs and booty strong with some lunges and squats, Friday work your biceps and triceps, Saturday try some yoga or stretches. This type of schedule allows proper recovery for your muscles but keeps you burning calories and getting in the habit of being in the gym nearly every day! Below are some exercises to try:


Cardio – Outdoor run, jumping jacks, or jump roping.

Chest – Chest presses. Try to increase the reps each time!

Back – Bent over barbell dead-lift and wide grip pull ups.

Legs – Squat jumps and calf raises.

Biceps and Triceps – Barbell curls and tricep dips.

Yoga – If you’re not a yoga person, try spending some time stretching on this day. Specifically the muscles that are extra sore.


Something that is important to keep in mind when you start a workout routine is what you are consuming before and after each workout. Purium is launching brand new athlete’s products to provide you with the energy and nutrients your body needs to push harder, run faster, and stretch further without feeling too sore after. Food is your fuel. Choose it wisely.



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