Cooking with Chlorella


“Chlorella is 50% protein, 20% fat, and 20% carbohydrate. It also contains many minerals, vitamins and a unique array of phytocomplexes,” Purium’s co-owner and visionary Dave Sandoval shares in a complete breakdown of Cracked Cell Chlorella in his book “The Green Foods Bible.” Chlorella, an algae, that is nature’s richest whole-food source of chlorophyll, may support natural detoxification, healthy elimination of heavy metals and healthy cardiovascular function. With all those benefits, why wouldn’t you want to start implementing it into your life immediately! But what is the best (and easiest) way to take chlorella? Our options at Purium are available in tablet and powder form. If you’re not a fan of tablets here are a few tasty raw recipes to include the powder chlorella in. You can even just add a scoop to your regular Purium green drink!

Chocolate Chlorella Avocado Pudding


1/2 organic avocado

2 tsp organic cacoa

1/3 cup organic unsweetened vanilla almond milk

2-4 organic pitted dates

1 tsp Purium’s Cracked Cell Chlorella powder


Put all ingredients in food processor and blend until smooth.

Chill for 1 hour and enjoy!

Chlorella Salad Dressing


Purium Tropic Oil (coconut oil)

Organic apple cider vinegar

Sea salt and pepper

Favorite herb/spice (oregano, basil, cumin, cheyenne pepper, etc.)

1/4 tsp Purium’s Cracked Cell Chlorella powder


Whisk all ingredients together in a bowl and add on top of salad.

Chlorella Guacamole


Organic avocado

Sea salt

Organic cayenne pepper

Organic cilantro

Organic lime juice

1/2 tsp Purium’s Cracked Cell Chlorella powder


Mash avocado and mix in all ingredients to taste!

Dip celery, cucumbers, or organic chips.


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