Purium Terra Pouches: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know


Back in 2019, we announced our official plans to become a plastic-free packaging company. Since then, we transitioned all of our best-selling products to “Terra Pouches,” and we’re over 90% to our goal! 

What exactly is a “Terra Pouch?” 

With Earth Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to learn more about what makes our plastic-free packaging so great and how our practices is helping the world lower the carbon FOODprint. 

What is a Terra Pouch? 

Before we go deep into the science of a Terra Pouch, it is important to know one thing: Purium is a Transformation Company. Just as evolution occurs in nature to adapt to the Earth, we do the same in our practices and packaging to lessen our impact on the planet.

With that being said, our Terra Pouches have also evolved with the times. We have explored numerous sources and researched what works the best, being sure to incorporate feedback from you, our community, and our internal teams. 

As Co-Founder, Dave Sandoval, says, “you need to crack a few eggs to make an omelette”, and that’s the perfect example of our Terra Pouch evolution! Originally, our Terra Pouches had no zipper seal- making it difficult for storing, so we created our Silicone Pouches to make storing Terra Pouches fresh and convenient! We are on a path of constant improvement, so we found a way to add a compostable zipper seal!

Today, we will be discussing the most current iteration of our Terra Pouches. This includes:

  • Our silver Terra Pouches used for products like Power Shake
  • Our brown “kraft” Pouches used for products like Biome Medic

What are they made of? 

Our Silver Terra Pouches are primarily composed of wood cellulose and other bio-resins. A trace amount of aluminum creates the moisture barrier that allows us to keep our products fresh. These pouches are produced in the USA and Canada.

Our Brown Kraft Pouches are composed of the same sources, with an additional layer of kraft paper on the outside. 

How long does it take for these pouches to decompose?

In a home environment, the time frame depends on the temperature that the composter keeps their compost bin or pile. It can usually take up to 6 months. In an industrial setting, the pouches have been shown to decompose in less than 69 days. 

Are they approved for all forms of composting?

Yes! They are approved for any composting. However, each individual who chooses to compost, whether home, municipal, or industrial, has the right to refuse anything that goes into their system.

How do you dispose of Terra Pouches? 

Remove the label. Next, bury the Terra Pouch by itself in the dirt or in compost. We suggest using them to start seeds or transplant garden vegetables.

What happens to Terra Pouches that may end up in the oceans?

First, we want to make one thing clear: as a sustainably-conscious company, we do everything in our power to decrease waste and encourage our entire communities to practice eco-conscious practices in their everyday lives. This means composting and recycling whenever possible. 

We do not want our Terra Pouches to make it into the oceans and that’s why we clearly mark them and encourage our customers to properly dispose of Terra Pouches by burying them in dirt or composting rather than tossing them in the bin. 

Suppose our pouches were to make it to the ocean (which is highly unlikely!) In that case, they are better than recyclable or other plastic pouches because they are primarily wood cellulose and other sources that are safe for the soil, rather than petroleum. They would eventually degrade. 

Our Plastic-Free Journey

Want to learn more about our plastic-free journey? Learn more here: https://www.isharepurium.com/environmental-stewardship 


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