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Dave Sandoval founded Purium on the belief that raw, organic foods should be both accessible and affordable for everyone, and sustainable and conscious of Mother Earth.

“I looked around and saw the world eating and drinking foods that were polluting their bodies…and that needed to change,” Dave says.

“So I decided to be the change.”

Because of Dave’s upbringing in an economically challenged household, as well as the struggles of his mother and other female role models in his life, he is most proud of integrating two powerful motivators and purposes in his life: health and freedom!

The philosophy that the quality of the life that you live will equal the quality of the food that you eat is the basis of Purium’s product offerings, and we have coupled that with the ability to give people an opportunity to achieve economic freedom, time freedom and geographical mobility. Dave believes this is more important in today’s world than ever before, since it frees mothers from the demanding schedule typically associated with a job and allows them the opportunity to control their lives as never before.

Beginning in the early years of the whole foods movement, Dave researched and studied alongside the most recognized industry leaders from all over the world. This knowledge inspired Purium in the US and Platinum Health Europe.

With only a small space and a few products to start, Dave, joined by Purium Co-founder Amy Venner, hand-selected organic farmers to help produce pure and premium superfoods to start their organic superfoods company.

Since their humble beginnings, they’ve grown Purium into a 40,000 square foot, fully-automated manufacturing facility with over 100 employees and 60 packs and products. Even with all the growth though, Dave remains at the heart of every decision. After more than twenty years, Dave stays committed to the latest research and whole-food advancements.

A true family man, even to his friends, Dave is a lover of all humans and takes great pride in living a life that authentically reflects his love for the earth and its people.

Dave continues to spread his core values with the The A.W.A.K.E.N Project. Dave founded the non-profit organization with Annie Ybarra. Its purpose is to provide rejuvenation retreats for families whose lives have been touched by autism. The organization seeks to enhance these family’s lives through healing and serenity. To learn more about the project read our blog!

Dave also carries over his commitment to the environment into one of Purium’s pursuits; to create change and make a positive impact on the planet. Purium’s organic and sustainably produced plant-based foods are not only better for the earth but better for your body. Purium’s mission to be plastic-free in 2021 and our optional eco-friendly, compostable packaging helps reduce worldwide waste. By supporting Purium you are helping create the change that the world is seeking! Discover more about how to be earth-friendly with Purium’s movement here. 

Today, Dave continues to break the molds in the health and wellness industry, with products like CBD+ and Biome Medic, which is clinically studied in a small scale human study to reduce 74% of glyphosate in just 6 weeks from the body.

Dave’s decades of exploration also helped him become a best-selling author with his first book, The Green Foods Bible. This well-researched, easy-to-read guide covers every edible green food; from grasses to algae to both sea and land vegetables.

Dave’s most recent book, The Toxin That Came To Dinner, is an engaging and persuasive look at issues facing our foods today specifically the agricultural chemical called glyphosate which may be disrupting our ability to thrive and even to survive as a species. The complications caused by widespread glyphosate toxicity could be in part responsible for a massive increase of physical, mental, and immune challenges that are now pervasive among our children, ourselves, and our parents. In this book, Dave illustrates both the seriousness as well as the prevalence of this problem. He believes raising awareness and education are vital, but also shines a light on how Purium has the solution for the future.

“Purium is called the Transformation Company for a reason, and that is because the programs, the foods, and the community have been truly transformational for tens of thousands of people who have used these programs to get physically, mentally, and emotionally recharged,” says Dave.

Click here to learn more about Dave’s ‘Food Philosophy’ and why he believes Purium is one of the most efficient food delivery systems.

Listen to him speak HERE and follow Dave’s journey on Facebook and Instagram @dave_puriyum!


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