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Amy Venner began her health career at 17 years old working at a health food store in a small town, Rockwall, TX. No one knew at the time her passion for helping others would flourish into a 25+ year endeavor centered around whole food nutrition.

As a teenager and young adult, Amy had persistent acne. Being a teenager is hard enough and not feeling confident in her own skin added to the normal complications and emotions of becoming an adult. This led her to pass on opportunities that would take her out of her comfort zone and help her embrace possibilities for the future.

At a health food store event, Amy was “carefronted” by a stranger who became Purium’s Co-founder Dave Sandoval. This encounter kicked off a chain of events leading up to today.

Carefrontation is the act of confronting with care and compassion; making someone uncomfortable for just a moment to give the possibility of changing their life forever. That is exactly what happened when Amy met Dave and he introduced her to a food philosophy that is still currently upheld at Purium: “The quality of the food you eat is equal to the quality of life you live.”

When Amy applied this philosophy to her diet as well as the wheatgrass product Organic Kamut Blend amazing changes occurred! Not only did her skin clear up but her confidence skyrocketed which helped her ability to make an impact on others.

She often says, “When you don’t know, what you don’t know, how are you able to make the best decisions for yourself?”

Amy constructed her platform on her newfound understanding that the power of organic whole food nutrition was not a secret and that everyone can have access to high-quality food no matter where they live or how much time they have to prepare it.

Amy moved to Long Beach, CA, and teamed up with Dave and a budding manufacturing company to oversee operations for a business that would evolve into Purium, transforming their visions into reality!

Amy and Dave shared a unified belief that raw, organic foods should be both accessible and affordable for everyone in a way that is sustainable and conscious to Mother Earth.

The two wanted Purium to not just change the way people eat but change the way people live by spreading economic freedom and plant-based wellness through their business model and products. Amy strongly believes in providing products that allow people to not just survive but thrive in life. She wanted a line of products that Brand Partner representatives could be proud to recommend to their own sphere of influence.

“If we are not our personal best, how can we truly ‘be there’ for all of the people and responsibilities in our lives? Purium’s product plans make it easy to prioritize your health without disrupting your whole day! Take that first step. Love yourself better…and you will be able to love others better too,” Amy says.

With only a small space and a few products to start, Dave and Amy hand-selected organic farmers to help produce pure and premium superfoods.

Since their humble beginnings, they’ve grown Purium into a 40,000 square foot, fully-automated manufacturing facility with over 100 employees and 60 packs and products.

From implementing new technologies that improve processes to doing the due diligence to obtain high standard manufacturing certifications, Amy applies a hands-on management approach at Purium leading the team at the corporate office.

A mother of two daughters, Amy became inspired to spread her passion for superfood nutrition even further and founded the Million Mom Movement. The organization intends to build a “movement of many” who share Amy’s vision of providing clean, green, organic, and non-GMO foods to families everywhere.

To become a million strong, the Million Mom Movement is committed to the empowerment of women, mothers, and families to live a life of health, happiness, and prosperity.

“It can be challenging to take care of ourselves in the midst of daily chaos. We get so busy taking care of everyone else that we forget about the most important person— until we burn-out,” says Amy.

Discover more on the Million Mom Movement and its scholarship program here. 

Amy remains an inspiration to all females and encourages other women to reach out for leadership positions both in business and socially.

Although the Purium movement has grown immensely, Amy still passionately leads the business into the future. From overseeing operations with a deep understanding of nutrition, setting marketing plans into motion, and training Brand Partners about the products and business, Amy is the true reason why Purium feels like a family.

Listen to Amy speak HERE and follow Amy’s journey with Purium on Facebook and Instagram @amy.venner!


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