Workout Rest Days Aren’t “Off Days”


When we want results, we want them now, especially when it comes to our physical goals. On one hand, that can be a good motivator for persisting. Yet on the other hand, one-track-mind-thinking can make us overlook small but very important details.

In our last blog, we mentioned that proper recovery is one way to avoid injury during workouts. Rest days are one of the most overlooked aspects of any weight loss or fitness journey, because…why rest when you have more to burn? Isn’t that counterintuitive to the goal?

Importance of the Rest Day

Well, not necessarily. You see, some people have the wrong idea about working out. They believe as they are counting their reps and lifting those weights, the muscle is shredding that very second. But according to NBC Better, the fitness gain happens AFTER the flexing.

How does this work? When you work out, you’re straining your muscles and this causes an inflammatory response afterwards. So after you pump and sweat, your body responds by recuperating, aka repairing. That is the work that burns fat and builds lean muscle mass.

Looking at it this way, you can really see what you’re putting your muscles through. A really hard, high-intensity workout may increase inflammation, which may increase the chance of your immune system being compromised. Recovery is important, so you can avoid missing even more days because of sickness or injury.

“Active Recovery”

Recovery doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone. It depends on how much you work out. Personal trainers recommend “active recovery” days for most people, which includes days where you exercise with less intensity than you would on a normal day.

Instead of pushing yourself to the limit, just focus on getting your heart rate up, nothing too strenuous.

A Pack for Everyday Fitness Support

It’s important not to think of rest and recovery as “off-days” and keep up your daily support regimen, especially your nutrition.

If you don’t have a daily eating routine, try our Core 4 – Athletes pack! Core 4 – Athletes is the perfect companion to any exercise routine, providing perfect nutrition for both workout and recovery days.

MVP Sport – Chocolate promotes muscle-building with natural superfoods and a chocolatey, good flavor.  Super Amino 23 aids in protein synthesis, promoting muscle strength, endurance and recovery. Super Xanthin protects muscle tissue and reduces lactic acid build-up, improving your recovery time. Can’t Beet This! naturally improves vascular integrity, keeping your endurance strong and supporting energy levels.

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